Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fossil Rim Fun

Well as I promised I would update you on the fun times we had this weekend.  It started out friday afternoon with my sweet cousin and his wife stopping by the house and hanging out.  We went and got dinner at a yummy Korean Restaurant and then to my favorite Ice-cream place ever, Yogurtland!! K and I always enjoy hanging out with them! My cousin and K both are obsessed with jeeps and they are always taking about new ways of fixing up my cousins Jeep...etc.  My cousins wife and I always just enjoy talking and catching up, I am so sad that in just a sort period of time she is leaving for Afghanistan :( She and my cousin are both in the Air Force and we are so proud of them but will miss her dearly!
Late Friday night my mom and stepdad finally arrived to our house, they were celebrating their 15th wedding anniv. and they spent Friday night with us before enjoying some time alone Sat-Monday.
Saturday morning we left for Fossil Rim (all of us but K because sadly he had to work).  It is just a couple of hours away from our house which is not bad at all.  Only a few times a year they do a Fossil Dig, well this weekend was one of those weekends!  We took a short hike to get to our site and then arrived to look for the fossils.  We found TONS of them! After the dig, we hiked back out and went on a "safari" type ride.  I am not giving this enough justice at all!  They have literally DOZENS of species of animals (they are an animal conservation group) and you take a ride through their 1700 acres of land and get to feed these animals (that literally walk right up to the car) and eat out of your hand!! If you are ever in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area I highly recommend this place! They also have cabins that you can spend the night in (which is what my parents did for the rest of their extended weekend) .  Enjoy the pictures :)

My cousin and his wife on the hike

my parents on the dig, it was chilly!

me :)

My cousins wife and the giraffe (my fav. of the animals)

the baby zebra!

me feeding the giraffe (note the lonnnng tongue)

myself, my mom, and my cousins wife, overlooking the park

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