Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marvelous Light!

Suddenly the weight of death brings a sting again

It comes quick like an unbelonging wind

You try to prepare for the day

But something always stands in the way

But God can always bring gain

From all of our pain!

My grandmother has been battling cancer for MANY years and boy has she fought hard!! She has been so extremely strong through it all!

On Tuesday she ate her last bite of food and on Wednesday she drank her last sip of liquid. She was given 24 hours by hospice today.

It is so hard to see someone you know suffer so well and I would know less than most because I am unfortunately so far away. My mom has been there by her side through EVERY SINGLE bit of it all and I know that my grandma is so thankful for her and loves her so much. It is hard news to know that her time here on this earth is coming to an end but I try to remember the joy that will be hers when she is standing with her Savior and King... and I can not help but sing this song.

I pray for the day when there will no longer be suffering and death and "death has lost its sting"... Christ has already risen vicotoursely and his name shall be forever praised!!

Marvelous Light

{by:Charlie Hall}

I once was fatherless,

a stranger with no hope;

Your kindness wakened me,

Awakened me, from my sleep

Your love it beckons deeply,

a call to come and die.

By grace now I will come

And take this life, take your life.

Sin has lost it's power,

death has lost it's sting.

From the grave you've risen



Into marvelous light I'm running,

Out of darkness, out of shame.

By the cross you are the truth,

You are the life, you are the way

My dead heart now is beating,

My deepest stains now clean.

Your breath fills up my lungs.

Now I'm free. now I'm free!

Lift my hands and spin around,

See the light that I have found.

Oh the marvelous light

Marvelous light

Lift my hands and spin

See the light within...

enjoy the sobering thoughts and great video and please be in prayer for my family during this difficult time.


  1. I love that song. It makes me want to lift my hands and spin around every time I hear it. :)

  2. Oh Allie, if any family should be spared from losing a loved one one more time, it's yours. I'm sorry to hear that your grandmother is declining. You know I will be praying for you all. God is holding her in his loving hands.


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