Saturday, December 18, 2010

am I THAT old?

This past couple of weeks our school has created a board full of the staff's baby pictures.  They are all numbered with no names and there was a contest for who could guess the most pictures correctly.
It ended up that my kids got interested in this as well and couldn't walk down the hall without being mesmerized by the baby photos of their teachers and staff. I ended up showing them my 6 year old photo which they ALL looooved and ooo'ed and ahhh'ed over for minutes!
Then, one of my... can we say... rather mature students ....
looked at my photo for a few seconds, then looked at me saying,

"Oh my gosh Mrs. P!! That picture was you TWENTY years ago!!!! That's a LONG time ago!!" 

I just love my babies and the fun things that they always say that make me cry laugh! HAHA
I guess I really am getting OLD! :)

this is the picture of me at 6 years of age


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