Monday, December 6, 2010

under the weather...

Last night I went to bed feeling fine but I didn't each much dinner last night for some reason.  I went to bed around 10:30 and could not for the life of me fall asleep until after 12:30... I tossed and turned for what felt like an eternity! Then this morning I was up and adam at 5:30... I couldn't fall back asleep despite my many efforts... I had a sore throat and a slight head ache.  As I got to school my headache took over me and nearly killed me all day today. I took some meds but nothing seemed to make a dent in it.  I came home and crawled under the covers to find out that I was also running a fever. BUMMER!! I ate a light dinner and have been vegging all night trying to get some of my health back. I feel like it is just sinus junk and the such (fingers crossed its not the flu!) I am feeling a little better now but as a friend said *and I couldn't agree more* "better to have it now than over the holiday!"
Hope you all are having a great start to this week!!

Countdown until Christmas Break:
9 Days of school!!

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