Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday... Favorite Christmas Memories!

2)(As of 2 years ago...) Going over to K's parents house on Christmas Eve for dinner and then going to the Christmas Eve service at Church.  This is a very special time for K and I as this is how we met... 2 years ago this year!! :) (last year we weren't able to go to NC for Christmas so this year will be the first time since we met! SO EXCITED!!- this is when his family celebrates "Christmas" instead of Christmas day so it works perfectly because my family celebrates Christmas day!)

thats the night we met :) 

2)Every year on Christmas Eve my aunt Donna gives my brother and I a Christmas story that we always read  Christmas Eve before going to bed! I love getting together as a family even when my brother never wanted to participate when he was younger and reading a book! I hope to continue this tradition with our kiddos... one day! 

2)Not really a yearly tradition-- but everytime a new grandchild was born into my family we take a picture with the baby in the homemade stockings that my grandmother made for us all! (Donna you should take a picture of the picture so I can post it on here :)) 

2)Of course Milk & Cookies for Santa and me!

2)Opening one of our Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve!

2) Santa hiding my "BIG" gift somewhere other than under the tree so that when I thought I was done opening gifts, the morning just got even BETTERRRR!
(one year a wakeboard!! :) )

2) Meeting up with the rest of the family (cousins, aunts, & uncles) at my grandparents house! (wherever I happened to be- both sides of my family do this for lunch Christmas Day!)

2) Tracking Santa on the radar... Daddy used to get reallllly excited about this and convinced me (even now) how real Santa was! Usually we did this at Grandaddy's house (we would go there and eat snacks after the Christmas Eve service) then on the way home we would look for Rudolph in the air flying! :)
go to www.noradsanta.org on Christmas EVE to track him! :)
Daddy used to always tell me, "The year you stop believing in Santa is the year he quits coming!" 
I will never stop believing!!!

oh!!! watching that makes me SUPER excited :) !!!!
 (also, a fun site for kids is www.northpole.com)

2) Daddy and Charlie putting Daddy's "Special" ornament on the tree (its a styrofoam ball ornament Daddy made when he was just a tot) -- when my brother was younger Daddy would put Charlie on his shoulders and hang the ornament near the top of the tree in a place so its easy to see.  The last year Daddy was alive Charlie was 14 and too big to get on his shoulders and they pulled out a ladder and the two of them hung the ornament.  One of my favorite pictures of Christmas! (My brother and I also have "Special" ornaments that we hang every year also.

Number TWO was so hard to choose (as you can tell) because we have so many traditions that I love!

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  1. such sweet memories i know why it was impossible to pick two!

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