Monday, December 13, 2010

WORST case of the Mondays EVER!!

Ill let the pictures do the talking for now because I'm exausted... but I'm safe thank Jesus!! :) 

All of this because some STUPID company had a broken NON-insulated water pipe that burst and was shooting into the air like a geyser and flooded the street making a nice 120 feet of ice on the road causing myself and about 10 other cars a HORRIBLE morning!
I am VERY thankful that I am okay but I am also very upset with someone being irresponsible and negligent!!!!!!!!!! thanks for nothing!

oh and after 10 cars wreck then you can come fix your pipes... cool. you owe me my deductible.  thanks! No really- I'm serious!

{did I mention we just bought a new car for K on Thursday??? and before that BOTH of our cars were paid off with NO payments....}


**on a happy note my sweet hubby brought me the MOST amazing hot chocolate from Starbucks that made my day!  AND he brought me home a beautiful orchid because my last one died...Did I mention how wonderful he is to me and how much I LOVE HIM?!**


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