Monday, December 13, 2010

No, I hope it's not so!

nooooooooooooo.... Do we really have to go back to work tomorrow?!? This weekend has been oh too sweet and flown by oh to fast! (i promise to end on a happier note!)

Friday night hubs and I did a little shopping after he got off work and then went over to some of our friends place to see the new house they just moved into! We watched Carolina play some soccer and just hung out- the guys talked soccer and Erin and I did some shopping online :) Her husband Kris plays on the same soccer team as K and they are best friends!

Saturday night was date night for K & I... it had been a long time since we had a real DATE!  We go out to eat pretty often to low key places but we never really "date".  Not a lot was different but with the title it made us more aware that we were out with EACH OTHER and that was enough!  We went to Snuffers for some amazing burgers and cheese, chives, bacon and jalapeno fries! mmmm!! Afterwards we headed home to watch a Christmas movie, Love Actually!  I of course fell asleep watching it haha but none the less I love that movie!

Today, K and I both had off and intended on getting our Christmas decor up and cleaning up the house some.  We went to the gym this morning (celebrate!- it was the first time I have been in 4EVER!) and met up with another of his friends, Forest.  We did some more Christmas shopping afterwards then met Forest for lunch at Jason's Deli.  We came home and he played some video games and I picked up and relaxed some.  We finally decided against buying a real Christmas tree this year since we have waited so long to put one up.  We set up the cute little "Charlie Brown" tree this year and it it just Oh-so-cute haha :) It was fun taking a walk down memory lane as K & I dug through our childhood ornaments and hung them on the tree along with the many "first Christmas" ornaments that he and I got last year! So fun!!  It seems like that was just yesterday! It's still hard to believe that we were married over a year ago! 

I will make sure to post picutres soon of the fun cute LITTLE Christmas tree this year! 


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