Friday, July 1, 2011

vent, then come to my crib!

okay can I first vent for a sec? ok... thanks! ha

first of all, I am an idiot... apparently the last episode of extreme couponing was several weeks ago and the next season doesn't air until September.  I am royally angry with TLC for continuing to advertise on their website that its on on Wed's at 10, 9 Central. UGH! Anyways, so I didn't get to watch that last night as I had hoped. Not a huge deal but lets be honest, I had been looking forward to it for several days (call me lame, whatev.) 

then... today. omg. doctors offices are going to be the death of meeeeeeee!! please do not anyone, anywhere, ever move while you are pregnant!! it has caused me many a headache! grrr! you would think that the crazy receptionists at the OBGYN's office for goodness sake would know about a dang glucose test that i dont really want to take anyways but know I have to for the sake of my dear child is and that I need to have it taken during a certain time period.  WHY COULD THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THIS!? why did I have to play Dr. Allie today and tell them when I need to take it and why I MUST be seen in 2 weeks or else...!? gr.  anyways-- needless to say, between them not wanting to schedule me during the next 2 weeks *which is when I must have this horrid test done* and their crazy "rotations" (that's a whole another story...they don't let you see just one doctor here in  this crazy state-- you have to see them all-- all 15 of them during your pregnancy... do they do this anywhere else?? I'm sorry, I'm a bit modest and do not feel like "getting to know" 15 different doctors! ugh!) I am going to lose my dang mind.  
Also, do they not know they are dealing with a crazy hormonal lady... do not make me cry because you won't understand what I am asking for and you refuse to make me an appointment ... blah! And then tell me that I cant have an appointment at the ONE location that does have an open spot in the next 2 weeks, then transfer to the real location I want to be seen at after that...! WHY can I NOT transfer!?!? They are BOTH your offices!! ugh!

okay. done.  let me just tell you-- this did not make for a happy me this afternoon. in fact- the only thing that helped me get out of that "rut" was hearing this song on the radio... I was not trying to let it make me happy, it just happened... ha, a little embarrassing but oh well, i was happy afterwards :) ... 

(random point 1) now, on to more fun things (well not more fun than Miley...) but yea-- I went to lunch with awesome auntie today! Afterwards, we went to a cute little shop in town where I spotted this hilarious sign... NO i did NOT buy it but I still got a big laugh out of it and wanted to share it with you! 
sorry for the crappy iphone quality... but you get the message right? ;)
I thought it was HILARIOUS! :) 

(random point 2) and then... totally unrelated- I loved watching Yoda, the monster cat, taunting the fish, or should I say, the FISH taunting HIM... it was sooo funny! 

the fish were literally congregating in that bottom corner of the tank swimming back and forth as Yoda pawed at the tank over and over... poor kitty! :)

(random point 3) oh and for those of you with little ones, Childrens Place is having an AMAZING sale on their clerance -- we're talking 75% off! Check it out-- I got 2 adorable beach hats for our litte girl for next summer for less than 5 dollars TOTAL!! WOWZER (and they have free shipping!!) Go check it... and no, they did not pay me  anything or give me anything to say this although if you are reading C.P... I'll accept offers :)

Well guys, its been fun but its late, I'm tried (and wide awake at the same time... crazy McAlisters tea... thats prob why my writing is a little all over the place more than usual tonight) so I'm gonna hit the hay.. 

Tomorrow= BEACH!!! Sad my honey won't be there but happy to enjoy some sunshine and sand! :) 

Happy EARRLY 4th of July!!!...
...if I don't manage to get back on here before then... this weekend you might find me making these babies! MMM (thank you Pinterest!)

and since I am <3 ing her right now, I leave you with this song :) 

 (random 4) annnnd it's Thursday so its time to link up with one of my fav's... Sarah @ We're just like you only prettier! 

you saw what I'm playin today ;)


  1. Gosh that Dr.'s office rigmarole (I had to look up how to spell that) sounds awful! Everything is going to be ok even if you don't get the glucose test at just the right time. It's not that crucial, make sure to eat right. I hope you find a doc you love though that can see you every time. 15 would have my head spinning.

  2. wow that is ridic..I didn't know they did that..rotating? uhhh yeah not cool with that..hope it's not like that here in Raleigh when I get preggers (no time soon) ha thanks for linking up girlllll! hope you have a great weekend at the beach!!!


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