Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i was gonna...but then...ugh!

well I was going to do my 29 week post today (a day or 2 late) but I am really exhausted so I think I will wait and do it when I have more energy... I'm in a state of BLAH right now and maybe its just because I'm tired... lets hope anyways!
this is totally NOT depressing because life can be so much worse but i am a little sad that I found my first few stretch marks on my belly tonight! I thought I had a scratch on my tummy and after looking closer I noticed there were 4 on the left of my belly button down low. then I just had to look again and find a couple of more on the right side.  I didn't think i was exempt from these bad boys but I really don't feel like my belly is 1/2 as large as it is going to be (according to what everyone tells me) so now I am a little freaked out that my tummy is going to look like a huge maze by the time this is all said and "done".  Oh the things we do for our little angels :) Love you Raleigh Grace and I will endure as many as these horrid things needed as to make your home the most cozy and nurturing place it can be :) 
Okay, done with my rant. {ill spare you pics of this hah}

oh! yesterday, I spent an hour or two attempting to make some hair bows for Raleigh Grace-- let me just tell you- it wasn't as easy as I had expected... but I did end up with one or two "cute" ones... I really have a long ways to go though! ha {my cousin was helping me and at one point said, I think I'll just end up buying some bows... she might have the right idea! ha} I dont have any pics right now but will take some and post soon.

tomorrow, off to get my hair done. i always get nervous when I am getting anything done to my hair and this time is no different.  I'm just getting the highlights touched up, i hope i dont end up with orange hair... eek! I also am trying to finalize some "outfits" for my maternity shoot later this week.  i am terrible at picking out cute things and TOTALLY miss having roommates to pick out my outfits for me :(  I need to get some cute shoes and accessories tomorrow but I dont have the money to buy some for 100 different outfits... do you see my dilemma? ha! 
{See, I told you I'm tired and just ranting away...}

good part of the day/night: hanging out with my friend heather, lunch with my stepmom at Oasis... mmm!, dinner- pizza with my stepmom and uncle glen who was in town, then bachelorette (which obama had to interrupt with his speech about the debt crisis... seriously, he should have done that speech earlier not in the middle of my show!ha)

I'll be back in a better mood shortly ;) promise!! gnite ya'll! 

PS-- I'm totally a JP fan :) 

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