Thursday, July 14, 2011

the perfect book

In my effort to finalize more things before little Raleigh Grace gets here I am trying to decide on a baby book...

I am totally not into the cheezy themed books...winnie the pooh, monkey's, etc.  I found these super cute personalized books on Etsy that I just love but really 60 dollars!?  eeek.  Is that too much? I mean honestly, I don't even know what my baby book looks like or if it is even finished... will it really matter down the road? I want to document every. little. thing. but I know realistically that that probably won't happen once I have my darlin girl to ooh and ahhh at all day long :) !! Here is the book: (you can personalize the colors... I'm thinking baby pink and grey? or would the grey clash with the linen?)

So, here is where I ask you for your help. I know that yall have such wonderful taste I am wondering what you used for your children... where did you find your baby book? do you love it?

Also, since I have 2 months (omg really!? only 2!?!) to go (from Saturday...) I am anxious to get my hands on some good books.... like baby books.  not A-baby-book... but you know, books about your little one- or about pregnancy or the like...
what are the MUST have GOOD INFORMATIVE books.  I enjoy funny books too but I am looking for more books that provide some good insight. 

Here are a few I have heard are great...
-Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy
-Happiest Baby on the Block
-The Wonder Weeks
-Belly Laughs
-The Pregnancy Bible
-Dr. Sears

which ones are MUST haves... I look forward to hearing from you all!! :) :)


  1. given we don't have kids, I haven't thought about what I would do for baby books, but I do have mine that my mom did - it's very simple with just notes of my milestones & pictures attached. I love it, though it was damaged slightly in a flood.

    The family I worked for have used various online photo sites (kodak) to make a photobook of pictures that she updated each month & then journals to pen the milestones every day - I think she filled in milestones/funny things with corresponding pictures on/by the picture too, but I can't remember. Probably could get expensive though I suppose, but also could be as cheap as you want too!

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE that book! SO CUTE! I've also been on the search for one to document Emma Claire's little life!!! I have a photo album already that will be great for when I have no time to scrapbook but I hope I'll be able to scrapbook some as well!!! :-)


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