Thursday, July 14, 2011

the dreaded test...

So, today was my DREADED glucose test!
I was also sad that it was going to be my first doc apt without my hubby. 

So, I arrive at the office and they give me my "drink"... I have heard that there are different flavors of this drink and that you could choose... well my office just hands me a red drink.  Tropical Punch- EW! I hate all things tropical punch... but really it wasn't that bad.  It tasted a LOT like tropical kook-aid with an extra pound of sugar in it.  It was cool but not cold and that was the worst part of it all.  I chugged that yuck and then an hour later had my blood drawn.  Should get the results tomorrow so I am praying that I don't have gestational diabetes!(thank you sugar water for the most horrible indigestion all day long today! ugh)


I get a phone call from my hubby asking what I'm doing... (mind you he is at work 2 hours away... right!? WRONG...)
Apparently he decided to drive down to meet me for my Dr. apt that was at 2:15 today (yes, I had 2 different appointments today, don't ask. ha)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was soooooo excited I really couldn't contain myself. :) :) :) It was the BEST surprise!!

We had a nice lunch at firehouse subs, and then got a great report from the doc (who's --his--  name happens to be Raleigh-- awkard! ha) 
"your belly is measuring perfect!" yaaay!! I have been nervous about not gaining enough weight but I am doing great he says! wheph! He was so happy that my pregnancy has been so "normal" and great... lets hope it stays this way!!
We got to hear Raleigh Grace's heart beat also :) which was 156bpm-- again, perfect! yes!! It took the nurse a bit of effort to find it long enough to count-- after my sugar drink our baby girl was all over the place moving around-- K told her that we have a non-compliant baby and I assured the nurse she got it from her daddy ;) ... she is a mess already and I love her so so much!!

After our doc apt, we headed back to the condo where hubby so kindly set up our bed (its not completely finished... but the frame is there :) ) and then he had to head out.  I was SO thrilled to have some time with him today, our time this summer is so special because the hours are few.  He is such a blessing in my life!!
now I have a get-away place to crash ;)

picked up bedroom! yay!
I finally did a little work on "unpacking" the condo myself.  I got most of the kitchen things unpacked and on the shelves... and I also cleaned our room/ organized it some and put things in their place.  As my grandma told me this past weekend, "a place for everything and everything in its place!" ... this is my motto this year!

it might not look like much but I am making some progress...

here is the LACK of prgoress... I felt like since I never took full-on BEFORE pics, I would start now... seriously, you could not walk in the condo at first.  there is still a long way to go but so much has been done!  check it out :)


kitchen mess... EW

other side of hall (no, we are not obsessed with Mike's- K got all the boxes from work- he worked for a beer distributor in TX)

living room

SOME of the unpacked boxes.. this is not all of them i promise :)

I finished out the night with a great meal at Logan's Roadhouse with my stepmom.  Great times!!



Update on last night-- we (my stepmom and I) headed up to the mountains again to see the bro, the hubs, and the fil! :) We went to a small town in VA, Galax and ate at a delicious BBQ resturant (sorry for the lack of photos)... we saw santa and mrs. clause there!
Then we spent the evening driving the Blue Ridge parkway... we DID take pics there which I will have to post later bc they are on K's camera (which he has with him)... We had a wonderful night!! :)


  1. Awww!!! That IS a sweet surprise. :)

    I failed that silly test by ONE point-- and it was the day after Easter. Seriously???? Give a pregnant woman a break. Thankfully, I passed the second test. ;)

  2. Can I just say again that I LOVE HER NAME! seriously I'm obsessed with it, it's just SO SO CUTE!!! And boo glucose test...mine's on Monday :-( YUCK! And I was looking at all of your boxes and thinking...that will be me in a month...HOPEFULLY! haha! Glad you're doing well and got to see your sweet hubby for a fun Drs Day Date! hehe

  3. i love the glucose tests haha...with all 5 kids i've had the orange...mmmm it's my fav! i'm crazy i know


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