Tuesday, July 12, 2011

can't wait, baby!

Here is a dump of my iphone photos to reveal what I have been up to lately...

Little background... Wednesday morning I got a text saying my cousin had gone into labor with her first child... Wednesday afternoon I headed to the mountains where they live to be there! 

Wednesday night we had a baby! Baby Drew! He is the most precious little baby and I could just hold and stare at him all day long.  If I love that little one THAT much, I can not imagine how it will be with my own little girl! :) 

I am so ready, yet NOT prepared at all haha! Raleigh Grace, keep cookin girlie! :) 
I so enjoyed the time with my family (as always!) we really had a great visit and I can not wait to be able to go back soon for another visit! I also enjoyed helping grandma "Nonna" getting my cousin's house clean before they brought the baby home... made me wanna kick my butt into gear "nesting" in MY home!! There are soooo sooooo many boxes to be unpacked... ugh. not looking forward to that! In fact, I'm about to the point where I want to go and throw out everything haha well... everything that I dont NEED... which is basically everything that is there right now ha! anyways.... we shall see.

Now, for the fun part... pictures!!

baby Drew Parker 7lbs 7oz, 20 1/2 inches long. one hour old!

just a few hours after birth
my yummy dinner @ Panera! so delish!

baby Drew's grandma (my aunt) "Nonna's" dinner-- doesn't that salad look so yummy!?
gosh, just in AWE!

I'm so ready for Raleigh Grace :) (with my grandma, Drew's great-grandma!)
look at how itty bitty!
precious little toes
the beautiful flower my grandma picked for me to put in my bathroom :) :) :)

of course I have 9hundred and 99 more photos from the weekend but these are just a few! AHHHH makes me long for me to meet the little girl in my tummy! :)

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