Saturday, September 24, 2011

37 Weeks! Full Term! :)

{this is a week late-- sorry :( I'm playing catch-up!}
You know you're 37 weeks when: 

  • your doctor tells you he is "just waiting on you to call him" because everything else looks great
  • you are more moody than a teenage girl
  • you can't put on your pants, shoes or socks without help
  • you cant pick things up off the floor without opening your legs and letting your belly sag between them
  • you have started to waddle, maybe just a little, even though you would never admit to it
  • everyday you wake up you are happy because you are one day closer to meeting your little one
  • you enjoy weekly doctors visits 
  • you are always looking at your belly move and feeling it move because you realize any day now could be the last time you feel it inside you
  • your back and ribs pretty much always hurt
  • you often have trouble sitting straight up because there is no room for your ribs anymore
  • your baby feels like she is high into your ribs and low into your pelvis... oh wait-- she is!
  • almost everywhere you go people comment on "how cute you are" or ask "when are you due"
  • your countdown now includes weeks or weeks and a half :) (only 2 1/2 to go instead of 3 :) )
  • you need bigger clothes but realize there is no point in buying new maternity clothes that you might only wear for a matter of days
  • you have crazy weird dreams about the most random things
  • you have a million and one things that you need to do but really none of that would truly matter if she made her appearance right now :)
  •  you wake up to every ache and pain wondering if you are going into labor 
  • you are hungry even right after you eat
  • after you get up in the middle of the night (or during the day for that matter) and go to the bathroom you often wonder if you need to go to the bathroom again
  • your husband gives you a hard time because when you wear a t-shirt it hangs off your belly in the front
  • a five minute walk can leave you more fatigued than if you ran 100 miles non-pregnant
and for my 37 week pic :)



    1. Awww :-) you look SO cute!!! I cannot believe Raleigh Grace could be joining the world anyday now!!! And here's another thing to add...when you read things like this "you are always looking at your belly move and feeling it move because you realize any day now could be the last time you feel it inside you" and you tear up...I totally did :-)

      And I agree with everything on your list...although I'm a little bit behind you ;-) I am SOOOOO excited for you!!!!

    2. This is all so true. I would add, spouts of mass energy where you over do it and spend the rest of the week on the couch. lol!

      Good luck with everything!


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