Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hospital Bag a hurry!

well the time has come... you know, we are now TWO WEEKS AWAY from our due date and I have still yet to pack my hospital bag (you're probably not surprised at this point ha!)!  I will not be this last minute with my next child (or at least I say that now ha).  Anyways, here is where I need your help! I know that a lot of you have probably already done a post on this or know someone who has but I NEED HELP ya'll!! haha I have a list with the necessities but what else should I pack?  If you or someone you know has already done this post will you leave me a comment with the link? If not-- what did you bring?
Any and all advice is welcome (just please don't judge me for being so last minute ha!)

love my weekender bag I got for christmas... cant wait to pack it up!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! This weekend is hub's 10 year High School Reunion so we have been busy busy and having fun.
Thanks again with your help with this post!!


  1. LOVE your bag!!!! :-) My mom is getting me a vera duffle for my hospital bag!!! I'm planning on going to Target and getting a bunch of the travel size shampoo/conditioner/body wash/toothpaste...luckily they have all of "my" stuff in travel size! I just think it will be eaiser to take smaller sizes (mine at home are the HUGE kind!). I also read a great blog post somewhere that said she packed a bathing suit for her husband so he could help her shower in the hospital. She said having him be able to help hold her up and be close to him when she needed him was really nice. Also good if there are going to be nurses around the shower space ;-) haha I'm not even sure how showering works in the hospital but it sounded like a good plan to me. :-)

    Something else I am doing is printing up a hospital checklist just in case something happens and I can't gather things myself. I would be so upset if I didn't have my camera/video camera/other necessities! I am realizing how much of a control freak I am through this pregnancy hahaha :-)

    Once you get a bunch of suggestions and pack your bag, do another blog post about what all you're taking!!!! I would love to read it to get ideas!!!!

  2. Go to Youtube and search "hospital bag". Tons of Youtube mommies have done videos about what they are packing, and what they used, etc. :)

  3. seriously, all you need is a pillow, tooth brush/tooth paste, hair brush, undies, deodarant {sp?}, comfy clothes, and clothes to go home in. NO need to pack an extravagant bag. They have everything else at the hospital. For baby, all you need is a going home outfit. :)

  4. what i brought to the hospital:

    comfy clothes (sweats, nursing shirts)
    slippers/socks with the bottom grip
    blow dryer & straightener (yes i
    my own pillow

    and yes i used ALL OF THIS!

    for the baby:
    all you need is clothes- however many outfits you want really..and that's it. the hospital has everything. make sure to bring cute clothes if you want their pictures taken since they do that now.

  5. I agree with everything above... you really don't need much at all. And really nothing for the baby... besides a going home outfit.

    Camera, chargers, phones...

    One thing I wish I had taken was a shirt that buttons in the front (maybe if Karl has one) that will make it easier to nurse and be discreet in the hospital. I just don't like hospital gowns.

    But sweats and maybe some maternity shorts/jeans/skirt to go home. As sad as that is... you'll probably be in maternity for a few days. :)

    Love ya!


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