Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have always enjoyed finding a good deal on things but with the show "Extreme Couponing" I have always had an urge to be oh-so-"extreme" haha!  I have always "couponed" but not really with a purpose-- if thats even what you call it...

Anyways, a friend here shared with me this week that one of the grocery stores was tripling all coupons that were 99 cents and under.  I have also been saving all of the Sunday coupons from the paper for the last several weeks (thanks Aunt Donna!) and keeping them organized in a binder.  So today, I picked out a few that I knew would be tripled and things that I would actually use and headed to the grocery. 

Here is what I ended up with:
Total value: $76.03 Saved: $41.48 Spent: $34.55

I spent a total of $34.55 and saved $29.14 in coupons and $12.34 with my store card...
I'm not totally thrilled with what I did but hey, its a start and I really didn't put forth a lot of effort.  This is something that I really want to get good- and I mean reaaaal good- at as time goes on. I don't want to be one of those stock-piling crazies but I would like to save lots of moo-lah without having to spend a ton. 

Do you coupon? What are your secrets? Any great tips I should pick up... as always, I am always anxious to learn :)

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  1. i love couponing! i'm not that good at it, but i try! good job!


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