Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Vacation at the Beach!

Day 1
Thursday I got my haircut (just a trip- it needed it so bad!) and then we headed to the beach!  I am so blessed to have this one lasssst long weekend at the beach with my hubby.  We arrived and the weather was just BEAUTIFUL-- I'm talking 82 degrees, sunny and breezy around 5pm! We hung out for a little bit around the house then went to dinner at a fun little place on a canal.  It was so nice outside that we sat on the back deck over the water and enjoyed a yummy dinner!

Check out our neighbors dock!
then dinner:
our dinner view... we had some kind of jalapenos stuffed with crab meat and cheese
the hubby
K's dinner! :)
my dinner :)

After dinner K & I went driving around the island looking to see if there was any Irene damage and luckily there was nothing major.  We went to the inlet (the east end of the island) and decided to walk on the beach.  Before we got on the beach we noticed a deer track in the sand near a house-- how crazy is that (remember I said we are on an island!).

We walked on the beach looking for some shells and found a few but not a lot-- K found a beautiful conch shell and I found a limpet-- that was always my dad's favorite shell and every time I am at the beach I try to find one :) . 

As our walk went on the sun began to set and let me just tell you the sunset was absolutely breathtaking and we got some fun pictures :).  

sunset & moon :)

K also found the shell of a Horseshoe Crab!! I have never seen one in the wild like this- it was really neat.  So neat that K wanted to bring it home and we are going to offer it to the museum on the island.  
rinsing off the crabby
It still had a slight smell to it so he rode on a rubber car mat on the hood of the car haha! This totally cracked me up but it worked!

We came home and relaxed and watched the Panthers (lose).  After the game we took a little ride to the Creamery where we enjoyed some yummy icecream! Raleigh Grace loved the cotton candy and K enjoyed some mint chocolate chip!
he was in a rocking chair ha-- this was my best shot since I couldn't get him to stop rocking ha!

 Day 2
Friday we just hung around the beach house and layed out by the beach- super relaxing and again the weather was beautiful!! Friday night, Baylor took on TCU for their season opener and it was ESPN... sadly we do not get ESPN at our beach house so we made a point to go somewhere Friday night that we could catch the game.  Before the game we went to dinner at a new little Irish Pub at the beach and then decided we would go to Chili's to watch the game.  When we got to Chili's there was an older man who was clearly having a good time-- saw our Baylor gear and get all excited... apparently he had just put 200 dollars on tcu to win! haha. The game was nothing short of EPIC... I mean the whole thing was just crazy exciting... we even had the rest of the bar cheering for us by the end and even a few people who stuck around to watch the ending of the game because it was just too exciting (the game didn't end until after midnight est!)  Baylor WON and boy was the ending great!! Check out the highlights of this game in the video below... this blows my mind that all of those plays were from ONE game and not all season. 
GREAT JOB BEARS you totally made my weekend!!

Day 3
Saturday- we basically did nothing ha! We went to the beach, laid around! We were going to take my brother and his friend out tubing on our boat but for some reason right after we left the dock the boat started acting weird and eventually died at the end of the canal... luckily there was a nice neighbor who saw us stranded and towed us back to our dock.  We called the boat "doctor" and he came over to check it out.  Come to find out the gas we got Friday was about 1/2 water... MAJOR problem! Luckily we still had the reciept so they are fighting to get our $ back.  Not fun.  For dinner my brother grilled us hamburgers-- delish :)

Day 4&5
Sunday- More of the same- relaxed, went to the beach then went out to eat seafood... lovve lovve!  
34 weeks 5 days! :)

Hope you all enjoyed your vacation weekend :)

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  1. looks like a great vacation! I love that picture of your silhouette at sunset above :) Oh, and we used to see deer swimming in the waterway all of the time ... then on outlying islands near Holden Beach where we used to go when I was little. I loved seeing them!


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