Friday, September 23, 2011

Nursery Sneak-Peak!

As I said before, my mom has been here helping to get things ready for BABY ... (she had to leave yesterday and I miss her so much already!) I told her the only reason I was letting her go back to Mississippi is because I knew she would be back in a couple of weeks when Raleigh Grace makes her debut into the world!

She helped me clean the baby furniture and get it all ready...

After she left, I did Raleigh Grace's FIRST load of laundry-- I washed most of her newborn and 0-3 month clothes, some socks, washcloths, towels, sheets, changing pad cover, mattress cover, and changing pad liners.  I still need to wash her blankets and some more little things but it was so fun washing and drying and hanging up/folding all her cute little things and feeling just one step closer to being ready for her arrival any day! :)
little bitty clothes :)
what a blessed little girl already!
never have I ever seen so many pink things! :) <3 it!

Since I washed the sheets and such I found it was an appropriate time time to "dress" the crib and changing table!  Its coming together slowly but surely and get excited because I am going to show you a few sneak peaks!! The bedding just came yesterday also and I really LOVE it! The bumper is oober soft but the sheet is one of those that after you wash it it wrinkles times five thousand! I doubt I will ever have time to iron a crib sheet for heavens sake! ha!  I will be reviewing it online since it wasn't cheap but that's really my only complaint.  It really is beautiful in the nursery! (I am not posting full pics because like I said in an earlier post her nursery is NO WHERE near finished but maybe I will get it all done before her first birthday ha! I'm joking but not really ha!)

Feeling super motivated (or maybe intense nesting!?) I also decided to break out our fall decor and do a little fall cleaning!!! It has finally been feeling a lot like fall here in NC lately and I am loving it!! Hubs seemed a little concerned/surprised that I was already breaking out the Fall decorations but like I told him-- If I didn't do it now then it might not get done until after Halloween (been there done that!) ha! :) I haven't taken any pics of that so I will try to get some on here soon :)

Overall, very fun, productive day!! :) Now for a few sneak-peak pics of the nursery ;) (all pics from this post taken with the trusty iphone, sorry for the somewhat mediocre pic quality!)

dont mind the mess and her carseat in the background ha

Ta-Dah! :)


  1. where did you find your crib? i love the nursery!

  2. Getting ready for baby is my favorite part of the whole nesting thing. Washing the clothes, getting the nursery put together. I've started making baby quilts for my babies. I love it!

    Good luck with everything! Can't wait to meet you're little girl!


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