Saturday, September 17, 2011

Praying I don't go into Labor...

Thursday we finally got the crib and changing table and yesterday my awesome hubby put them together  (yay!)  
...but now hubby goes backpacking for the weekend. Luckily my mamma is here, so happy to be spending time with her for only the 3rd time since I've been pregnant. Here's to hoping I don't go into labor before Sunday night when the hubster returns :)
 oh, PS-- I'm 37 weeks today!!! That's FULL term and means I am starting week 38... where has time gone!?!  
Hope ya'll have a great weekend :)

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  1. We just got our crib put together today! Isn't there something just so sweet about a daddy putting together a crib?! I feel like I've done all of the baby stuff so far so it was neat for him to get to do something all on his own :-) And OMG I can't believe she could come any time now..does that freak you out? I feel like I still have SO MUCH left to do that she isn't allowed to come until I'm finished with it all! HA! Hopefully she doesn't have other plans!


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