Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall and Oktoberfest!

yesterday was such a nice day! the weather here has been rather dreary but I must admit that I have kind-of enjoyed it! The cloud cover has kept the temperature around 75 degrees when usually it is still in the 90's. This weather has reminded me that fall is quickly approaching and that is something I am very excited about! It makes everything in me want to go shopping for cute fall things to decorate the house with and to change all of my flowers out for "fall colors" (this is not something I plan on doing but I like the idea!)
Yesterday, I enjoyed the afternoon with my good friend Lo- I finally got to see her and her husbands new house they bought and boy was it beautiful! She made me a delicious jack and cheddar grilled cheese! YUMMMY!! She also made some apple bread that was soo tasty and again brings me to anticipate fall! Dinner last night was free chick-fil-a sandwiches but man was it a madhouse in there! I think it took me literally 20 minutes to get a free sandwich... something worth the wait! ha
This weekend is Oktoberfest in Addison! Last year I went with my family and we had a WONDERFUFL time!! I will miss them this year but I'm sure it will still be loads of fun!
(My sisters and I at Oktoberfest last year... FUN!)
Stay tuned, more to come later!

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  1. I have never done Oktoberfest but any excuse to drink a good beer sounds amazing to me!!!


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