Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lots of Catching up and lots of laundry!

I do realize how slack I have been on updating here and my husband has reminded me how I am "letting all of my faithful readers down"- partly joking- partly not, so for that I am sorry!

So... Where to begin. I guess we will start with Friday night. K & I flew into NC Friday afternoon and his parents were so kind to pick us up. We grabbed chick-fil-a for lunch and headed to grandaddys house. We were there this past weekend to celebrate his 80th birthday. We got ready at his house and headed right down the street to the Country Club where we were greeted with lots of our extended family as well as some of his childhood friends. The night was spectacular and really was a tribute to his life. There was laughing and crying and singing... we did it all! Grandaddy later that night jokingly said to send what everyone had said to the funeral home for his eulogy hah! He also said "I have won all kinds of awards in my life, I've been man of the year and all that sh** but this tops them all. This is by far the BEST day of my life!" I hope one day to be like him. We wrapped up at the club and took it back to his house and just relaxed then headed to my house and my mom, brother, my husband and I all hung out.

Saturday we tried to sleep in but ended up rising around 10am or so. I had to take my ring to the jeweler to get it sized a little - he was closed for the weekend but was so kind to fix it for me anyways and I picked it up on Sunday. K was blown away with how well it looked now that it fit right, and he just loved it... as did I (duh)! ha! We then headed of to K's parents house where we met them, and his sister (and her boyfriend), his brother (and his wife and 3 kids) and we grilled out and hung out. It was fun spending time with them and enjoying the nice cool weather there. Saturday night we went to Montereys for dinner with my family and his parents. Boy were they glad to see us! This summer we had made a habit of going there a couple of times a week and I think they had missed us! We had a nice dinner and then called it a night because we were exhausted!

Sunday... the infamous 25!!!! EEK! Sunday morning K got up waay early (about 6am) to go have breakfast with one of his buddies... it was way too early for me so I stayed in bed. When I woke up around 8:30am I noticed a card on my nightstand that was addressed to me. I immediately thought it was a card from his friend congratulating us on our marriage and wondered why his name wasn't on it too but opened it anyways. It was a card that said "Happy Birthday to my Wife"... it was an extremely sweet card from my hubby (obviously) and i loved it. I had forgotten that it was my birthday, and not only my birthday but my 25th birthday! This is the first time in forever that I have merely let my birthday come and go as "nothing." I'm not sure what the reason for this is but usually EVERYone (and their mom) knows exactly when my birthday is because I start counting down months in advance. I didn't do that this year. I didn't even count down one month in advance or even a week. In fact I don't think it even occurred to me that I was having a birthday until about 3 days before, and after that I "forgot" again. I'm wondering if the whirlwind of activities surrounding us getting married had me distracted (a good distraction, by the way) or if I really disliked turning 25 so much that I decided to avoid it at all cost. I cant answer that question because I honestly don't know.
Anyways, went to church with my family sunday morning and then back to grandaddys for lunch where K's parents again met us. K's mom had made me a beautiful cake (the same as our delicious wedding cake) and we opened presents and cards, and enjoyed ourselves. I guess there is no avoiding my birthday. Happy quarter of a century to me! Sunday night K and I caught a red-eye home and didn't get back to our house till around 2:30am eek! Luckily he had the day off Monday and we just vegged and enjoyed catching up on sleep!

Tuesay, I dont remember what I did... maybe sleep while he worked? Idk... oh I started some laundry... ya.

Wednesday- yesterday, K had to work early so he could get off early. I finished the laundry during the day, cooked dinner, cleaned up the dining room and the mess from our wedding reception stuff, and did some other chores. Check out how much laundry I did....

It was so funny- when K got off work he came back into our bedroom and was like "oh my gosh what have you done!?"... come to find out he thought I had been cleaning out the closet when really all the mess was our clean laundry that needed to be put away! ha!
Last night we went to the Village Church to Group Connect- the goal was to get plugged in to a home group and that we did! I am really excited and that starts in two weeks! wahoo!

Today, my baby is working and I'm going to hang out with my dear friend. Hopefully it wont be a month before I update again. :)

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