Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm on a YACHT!

Happy Early Birthday Hil!
Sunday the hubby and I enjoyed a day off together- and luckily it was Hil's early bday party too... on a YACHT!! We had such a blast and feel so blessed to have you as a friend :) We hung out on the boat all day at "party cove" on Lake Lewisville, and grilled some hot dogs (on the boat!!) and listened to music and just hung out. They had a HUGE float (that could hold about 6-8 people on it and we tied it to the back of the boat while we were anchored and just chilled. The water was really chilly, I guess from all of the rain we have gotten lately, but it felt nice to cool off. After the adventures on the lake we headed back home for a quick bite to eat and to get ready for church.
This weekend was baptism weekend- my favorite weekend every time it happens! I really thoroughly enjoy hearing how God has saved so many people in different ways! AMEN! :)

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