Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The "Poop Seed Tree" (PST)

I just had a revelation... ready for this...?! here goes...
-3 (OMGOODNESS THREE!?!) days till my marriage with my amazing man!!!
-2 (WHHAT two!?) days till all of my family will be in town!! (yay)
-12 days until im TWENTY FIVE!!! NOOOO!!!! a quarter of a century!?!? where has time gone?!
-11 days until my grandaddy's 80th birthday party! Ahoy Mate-y Charles is 80! :) and both K and I get to hang out with our families :)

What a hand full of events to be looking forward to!! I am so very blessed!!

So today was a fun play day... well not really playing but yea. K and I decided to begin to tackle the flower beds and to say the least... well... we barely got started. we ripped up some of the old flowers that were just not looking good and behind them were some "trees" that had sprouted from what we think might have been "seeds" that birds "pooped" into the flower bed. So naturally we decided to name this tree the "poop seed tree" and have been calling it that for a couple weeks now, every time we see one somewhere else I always point it out and call it by name ha! (yes, you dont have to tell me, i have problems lol) . Anyways, we pulled those 5 trees out of the flower bed and planted three of them. Now mind you. We live where the dirt is NOT dirt. It is more like HARD HARD CLAY! This made for a not so easy time digging holes in the yard to plant these babies. Also, because I'm not very smart, I didnt think to buy a shovel so here are K and I in the yard whacking at the ground with the back side of a hammer ha! I wish that someone could have seen this haha! we managed to dig 3 holes this way until we had both had ENOUGH! ha. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasures of our most recent additions to our yard, our "PST's" as we have abbreviated them now ha! :) Enjoy!

*** side note, my baby K wanted to just TRASH these "trees" but I just HAD TO plant them and see if they would survive hahaha! :-D

Karl with the Original "PST" with the "PST2" in the background.
Me watering the PST2 aka BabyPST

I'm hoping this thing actually grows and doesn't die

"Shoveling" with the back of the hammer hahahah!
I'm so glad my fiance is a boy scout and is so handy with everything- coming up with new ways to do things when his silly fiancee (me) doesn't remember you need a shovel to plant a tree. ha!

Tomorrow night is my "Bachelorette Party" with all the girls! We are going to my favorite place for dinner annnnd... Mojitos!! my favorite drink! I am so excited to have a fun girls night with all my loves :) yaaay!!! yippee!
Well I will write more later... but wow, I can not express to you how much excitement fills my heart that this special day is so quickly approaching! Sorry about the corny post last night haha but writing our wedding had to be one of the most special things I have ever done and left me felling even more blessed than ever before and I just pray for a hundred wonderful years with this amazing man God has provided for me!

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