Monday, October 19, 2009

Creative Itch

Lets see here... I guess somewhere along Friday afternoon some bone in my body got a huge creative itch and I just went with it. Karl had to work on Friday so that left me with plenty of time to play! I made this yummy Halloween dessert, Candy Corn Bark:

To find the recipe click here. it is very easy to make and thanks to The Idea Room for their simple step by step instructions! They always have very cute things... you should check them out at

Here is something else creative that I decided to try this weekend. Some YUMMY Grilled Chicken (without the grill) . If you like to marinate your chicken in an Italian dressing this is a MUST for you to try! It was seriously sooo easy! Just make sure that you take it off the heat, just in time before the meat gets too tough (and have at least an hour to marinate). This was a big hit for both of us!

I found the recipe on . They have all kinds of yummy recipes as well as other fun things on their site. The grilled chicken (without the Grill!) recipe is here.

In the recipe for the chicken was a link for a Bananarita *it is a non-alcoholic drink more like a smoothie*... I decided to make these for K and I for breakfast ... they were yummy and for the most part... semi-healthy with a total of 4 banana's. I added a few strawberries also just for fun and because I can never get enough strawberries :) Here is the link to Bananaritas .

Sunday was a good day also, the hubby was off work and the weather was beautiful! I think it was about 68 degrees with a nice breeze and no clouds anywhere to be seen. We layed out and K even got a little sunburnt. We finished off the weekend with a trip to The Village where we saw lots of friends and went to Chili's with two friends who I havent hung out with in forever, Bryan and Leslie. We had a great time talking and just hangin out.

I forgot to mention that Friday night we went out with a couple of our friends after K got off work. We enjoyed getting out and we bother really enjoy Emerald and Justin who are engaged and soon to married also, YAY!

I guess that is about all for now, back to the grind.... Happy Monday!

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  1. Great recipes!!! Definitely gonna try that Halloween bark. Very cute idea!

    Thanks for the invite to church. I'll let you know if we decide to check it out. Would definitely LOVE to meet up with you soon - just waiting for our little clan of three to get well and STAY WELL for longer than 5 days! :)

    Hugs to you and K-man! Sounds like y'all are thoroughly enjoying married life. :) Keep dancin'!


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