Friday, October 2, 2009

Noah's Ark

It is probably entirely too late for me to attempt an update because I'm exhausted, so please forgive my typo's and any other unorganized nonsense you might find on here tonight.... or should I say, this morning.
What in the world happened today?! It felt like a whirlwind of activity. Sent the hubby off to work, picked up my kiddos and their brother (Baby J- that I asked for prayers for a couple days ago- see story here) came home today- doing great! HUGE answer to prayer!!! Also, got another email from the guy at a company I am interested in... I think I am going to have a phone conversation with him on thursday or friday of next week- more details to come. please keep praying. thanks.
After I picked the boys up I immediately headed south to pick up a friend and go to Yogurland. It has been several weeks since I have been there (last time was 2 days after our marriage- So almost a full month! wayy two long if you ask me ;). Did that deal and on the way home got stuck in a HUGE storm that basically stopped traffic on the freeway. There was next to no visibility- the whole sky was white it was pouring down rain sooo sooo hard and you could see it hitting the windshield in sheets, it was also mixed in with lots of wind and even some small hail. It just rained and rained for what seemed like hours and finally it tapered off and the sun started shining. It was such an odd feeling- knowing it was still raining but seeing the sun peaking through the clouds. My friend and I were talking as the rain finally stopped and I got really excited thinking there might be a rainbow somewhere... well guess what?! there was!! Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of it but it was such a neat feeling. I immediately thought to the story of Noah from the Bible. (I had been thinking of it since the rain started really- even telling my friend L that I didn't have an Ark so I hoped the rain would end sooner than later because the roads were starting to flood.) As the sun begin to shine and the skies cleared it was such a beautiful picture and such a neat feeling that swept over me. I wondered of how those on the Ark must have felt when, after 40 days (not 4o minutes) of rain, the sun finally shone and the dove came with the leaf... how could you not be overcome with JOY and BLISS!
That is my touching story for the day :)
Following that went straight to drop my friend off at home, then straight to din din with the hubs and then back home to catch up on chores that I have yet to do this week. lots of laundry and mess pickin-up-ers ha!
Also, I have to share something that I am not allowed to share but I just wanted to say... I know something that you don't know, but you will find out soon enough :) promise. Sorry to leave you hanging, thats a pet-peeve of mine but I just have to document it somewhere ha! Lucky for you :-P

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