Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whooo will it be!?

MMM the smell of fall is in the air... literally ha! I have the pumpkin spice candles burning and the decor has been up for some time now... I have pictures that I will post later tonight. I have a glass of sweet red wine in hand and my hubby on my right side! Leftover dinner is warming and Dancing with the Stars is on. Not that I care about that show... BUT... tonight at the end of the show ABC TV network will be announcing who the Bachelor will be!!! I am trilled to death and hope so bad that it is Jake Pavelka!!!!! The show airs in January so until then they are just teasing us... :)
Updates to come later.... oooo keep your fingers crossed!

This is a perfect end to my already good day. A productive day at that... for once! Picked up the house, did laundry and put about 100 pounds of laundry away, as well as picked up the bathroom and slightly cleaned it- which was much needed!! Oh and to top everrrything else off... the hubby came home early tonight!!! Such a treat! Thank you Jesus for that blessing!

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