Friday, October 9, 2009


I guess I jinxed myself yesterday because this afternoon (through midnight tonight) we are under a tornado watch. Wahoo. And check out this picture earlier this afternoon:

does this look like tornado weather to you? yah, me neither. So anyways... we are just now starting to get some of that rain the forecasters told us about way earlier today!

On to a more fun note, today, I found out about this awesome website that does a "Deal of the Day" and has some really cute things-- you should check it out!!

Also, I want to share with you a song that I heard today (and I am pretty sure that we have sang at church before) that I absolutely LOVE- the lyrics speak the Gospel and the praises ring to the Almighty through this song. Pleeease listen to it and BE BLESSED! It is called Glory To God Forever by Fee. I'm listening now and I just get sooo excited! Try it ;)

One more thing before I go for the night (hub's is sitting here waiting for me to finish and I'm attempting to eat a piece of delicious yellow cake with rainbow chips- my fav- while finishing todays blog entry) - I have an interview tomorrow at 1pm CST. Please say a prayer for me & my nerves & Gods will to prevail. Thanks, I love ya'll!

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