Monday, March 7, 2011


So today was quite a stressful day at work.
long story short I got a sweet new kid in my class (2nd one in 3 weeks).  We (me/& the kids) rearranged their desks and made room for the newbie.  He is a sweet autistic kiddo and I am just praying that God leads me in how to teach him as I have had NO experience with this before.  Thankfully, I will have lots of help *i hope*! :)
So anyways, on top of that I just had a LOT to do in my classroom- this week is insanely busy... so I was stressed/tired/and hungry coming home from work which K figured out when I texted him. 
And here is what I came home to...

um YES!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you most awesome, loving baby squoots! :) :)

oh and I'm sorry if I forgot to mention this before... 4 days until Spring Break! not that I'm doing anything fun... humph!

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