Friday, March 25, 2011

Hottest Baby Names for 2011

K & I had picked out a name for both a baby boy and a baby girl before we conceived.  Call us crazy but we knew what we liked.  I must say that I am very happy to know that neither name for our future pumpkin is on this list.  Here are the projected names:

Biblical Names:
girls: Delilah, Jemima, Magdelene, Ruth, Susanna
boys: Abel, Asher, Eli, Gideon, Levi
Celebrity Names:
girls: Anniston, Evangeline, Isadora, Isla, Seraphina
boys: Arlo, Dexter, Flynn, Penn, Rufus (Rufus? really? Rufus?! sounds like a puppy)
Hero Names:
girls: Ada, Eleanor, Hillary, Kennedy, Mandela
boys: Barack, Clinton, George, Jackson, Lincoln (are these a joke?!)
Literacy Names: 
girls: Anais, Darcy, Eloise, Isolde, Ophelia
boys: Archer, Atticus (haha my sisters boyfriends name!), Dashiell,  Holden, Truman
Nature Names:
girls: Clover, Dahlia, Ivy, Juniper, Lark
boys: Cole, Jasper, Oak, Ranger, Rider
girls: Daisy, Edie, Kate, Maisie, Minnie
boys: Buddy, Buster, Jack, Theo, Will
Vintage Names:
girls: Aurelia, Clara, Cora, Imogen, Theodora
boys: Arthur, Everett, Hugo, Jasper, Thaddeus

What do you think? Found your future child's name?


  1. Hmmm, there are some cute names! I didn't really have a hard time picking my daughters name, I thought Madison sounded perfect with my name {megan} ha-ha! I think boy names are much harder to pick for some reason :)

  2. I love looking at baby names! My mother-in-law jokingly bought us a baby name book for Christmas and I love flipping through it. But, I'm 100% certain our kids will be old family names - it's that whole crazy southern thing (last names as first names, yes please) :) So if it ends up it's on the most popular list, well the kid will just have to deal!

  3. None of those are my style, really. I have had names picked out for a while, hopefully they aren't uber popular in a few years!!

  4. Yep, there's Will on the list. I know it's been uber popular for all time, which is one of the reasons I loved it in the first place, but I hope it doesn't take on a new fad quality because of Prince William's wedding. My baby boy William has nothing to do with that guy.
    Have you told me before the names that yall picked out? I can't remember if we've had that convo. Are you planning on sharing "at large"?


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