Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day!

man am i lovin spring break!

what am i up to? NOTHING! you got that right... I am sleeping 11-12 hours a night, running errands, and hanging out with my hubby relaxing.  its GREAT!

Ill be honest- I was dreading having nothing to do over the break but I am enjoying it!

oh and while I'm at it... Happy St. Patty's Day!!

What did I do today? Dear hubs was off work today so we slept in together, went to lunch at K's fav sub shop- Jersey Mike's (we didnt know there was one near us and he said it totally made his day to discover this new one!), did a lot of driving around, talking, enjoying the nice day, went to the park, walked around by the lake, and laid around watching tv hanging out.  oh and tonight he had a soccer game and it was actually early enough that I got to go! Sadly, not enough of his lousy teammates showed so they had to forfeit! sad day! I still had fun watching them K run around looking all fly scoring all those goals ha ! They played a scrimmage and had a lot of fun I think! Oh! and did i mention the place they play sells dip-n-dots in a prepackaged deal?! it totally made my night! we went to dinner at the chick-fil and then to my fav. yogurt place... yogurtland!! (do you see a pattern here? ha!)

So all of you go enjoy your green beer and drink one for me... !
and for a little throwback from the best spring break trip ever with the best friends in 2007 @ OIB...
honestly this was one of the better pic of me... sad to say ha!


  1. Come to my shower!! I want to see you!

  2. awhh glad you are enjoying your break!! miss you girl! xoxo

  3. Enjoy your "nothing" to do now while ya can girl! :) sounds like an awesome day to me!

  4. it's sometimes nice to not do anything! I used to have a saying in college, especially freshman year when everyone was always on the go: "doing nothing is doing something" ... you sometimes just need a break :) glad you are getting some serious rest!! enjoy the last couple of days :)


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