Saturday, March 5, 2011

Materninty Clothes and weekend preview

(this is going to be all over the place. sorry)
o m g.
how is the last time i blogged wednesday? i am so tired all the time -- so much so that even some nights the computer doesn't even get turned on.  wheph!  Tomorrow I will be entering week 10! 
I have been meaning to type up some weekly updates and post them on here-- as i have sorta ... been keeping track of my weeks since about week 6. 
Today, I have a busy day-- I am going to meet one of my old young life girlies for "coffee" -- I won't be having any -- and catching up! I am super excited but wish I didn't feel like I was about to fall asleep!
Tonight, is a dear friend of mines Bachelorette party!! I am super excited for her :)
We have 5 more school days until Spring Break which I was VERY excited about going to the beach... but now k thinks that we should save our money and hang out here (thankful for him being the voice of truth- but sad that we probably wont be taking a trip  to the beach)
Yesterday, we had the "Fun Run" at school-- 1.4 mile run thru the neighborhood near out school and the kids had a BLAST (for the most part)-- I even ran a short distance of that. (major pat-myself-on-the-back-moment as I despise running)


SO... my jeans  are too tight. ugh. i have no clothes that fit me anymore- its really frustrating! I feel like I am an adolescoent again- you remember those days where you stopped fitting into "girls" sizes but weren't quite big enough to fit in the "teen" sizes... well thats where I feel I am.  I'm too big for my regular clothes and don't see the point in buying larger "regular" clothes when in a few short weeks I am sure I will be needing to get into some maternity clothes.  But at the same time- right now, I'm not quite large enough to fit maternity clothes... ugh. 
But- Thursday night, after dinner, I had had ENOUGH. My pants felt like they were cutting me in half so I talked K into going shopping with me at Target.  I found a pair of maternity jeans that were VERY comfie- and caved and bought them.  My hips and butt aren't quite enough to "properly" hold them up but hey, anything was better than being miserable in my older clothes.  SO there you have it... first maternity purchase right there in week 9...some may tell me there is no way I need these yet but honestly- i didn't see the point in buying just a size larger in  "regular" clothes to not fit them in 2 weeks.  So yea...
you cant tell me that these dont scream COMFIE! :)


  1. Hey girl! Can you shoot me an email when you get a chance? Thanks! xo Jen

  2. Also, I never had enough hips and butt and to hold those kind up -- even at 9+ months. I found that the ones that had more like a sweatband top worked MUCH better! :) And they're good for about a month or so after the baby comes! :)

  3. Has anyone taught you the rubber band trick? If not, Google it and you'll be able to wear your regular pants/jeans for a bit longer. I bought myself an entire month when I had Jake using that little contraption. Enjoy the novelty of wearing maternity clothes! :o)

  4. Hey, Motherhood makes these jeans that I was able to wear the whole pregnancy and after. They do not have the big belly band and fit right under the belly.

    I swear by these!

    Hope everything is going good otherwise! Congrats!


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