Tuesday, March 29, 2011

and now it looks like...

a real baby! :) 

12 weeks 1 day

I am trying to decide when to tell the rest of my school (only my team knows right now) that I am expecting.  

I am trying to think of creative ideas but have been lacking.  
I am thinking of putting the sonogram pics under my elmo *sort of like an overhead projector without the transparancy part* and ask my kids if they know what it is... then telling the kids and letting it be their news to share with all.  
That's about all I can think of right now as far as ideas on how to share goes... but I'm not sure when to tell everyone. ideas?

Today we had our ultra-screening genetics testing. She said that everything looked good but that we wouldn't really know anything until the blood work came back. The baby was waay down low she said and she couldnt get a good picture of him so I had to empty my bladder and then check again.  She got a pic but it was just of his profile so no gender just yet. :( I am just happy that the baby looks great and has at least 5 fingers on one hand LOL.  We have a good picture of that.  She also said that the umbilical chord was all laying between babies legs so she wouldnt have been able to tell anyways.  
Baby's heartbeat: 162bpm
Baby's head to rump length: 6cm long
and she noted nice bone structure on the baby's nose which is a good indicator that it doesn't have downs syndrome.  :)

All in all, great report! Wahoo! Back in 4 weeks for a checkup and then in 5 for another sono and GENDER CHECK! yaaay!!

ps-- be sure to vote on our lil pumpkins gender off to the right of the page :)

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  1. That's great news!!! I voted for boy since you called him "him" a couple times in this post! I like the idea for your kids to share the news too!


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