Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Okay sorry for the 100 updates today but I am dying to be caught up (which I will accomplish by THIS week!) :)

I felt I had to post about the last couple of days...

I have been dying to dye (ha) my hair but I haven't been able to decide what on earth to do with it.  Well finally, I decided I would get some minimal highlights put in it.
Friday, I went to Toni & Guy and spent most of my night there getting my partial highlights done.  I LOVE IT!! I seriously had been in a MAJOR slump with my hair and HATED how it looked every time I went to the mirror.  The color was just yuck! Now it looks like I am ready for summer and I even feel better about myself & my looks- I am not shallow but I had just been getting down on myself for looking .... um... gross. ha! (I know it was not that bad to everyone else but I saw it).
Here is a not-so-great picture of the success!
see the blonde up top?

Saturday I slept in *yay* and had lunch with K.  Then Sat night I met up with my neighbor and some friends for my first game of BUNCO!  I have to say I had a BLAST and I even won BIG!! :) Its a great game to get a group together and play once a month or so *thats what they all do-- I was a sub last night*  But good times good times!

This morning K & I had planned on going to my besties for her baby shower and I was super excited about seeing her and their new house! K was pumped to hang out with her hubby too!  Unfortunately, I woke up feeling icky this am.  :( it was def no way to spend a 5 1/2 hour car ride so we opted out.  :( I hope you had a great day, Erin! I missed you and your baby *& B* a ton *so did karl* but we hope to see you soon!

This afternoon K & I were just laying around watching basketball GO DUKE and flipping between the race when our doorbell rang.  Our sweet little next door neighbor who isnt quite 2 was banging on the door :)  We went outside and talked to his mommy and grandma for some time and ended up they invited us over for dinner! Jeremy grilled up some amaaazing pork chops along with some potatoes, pasta, bread, green beans, corn, and maaaan! it was delish! After dinner we were sitting around talking when we realized the not quite 2 year old was missing... we knew he was up to no good!  When we finally found him-- he was sitting in the empty bathtub (he had already gotten his bath for the night earlier) in his PJ's, covered in liquid baby soap and shampoo.  he had it all over his clothes and in his hair.  It was quite the hoot. 

Tomorrow- back to the grind-- only 10 more weeks and 3 days until summer (not that I am counting) hahahahah

Hope you all enjoy your Monday! Prayers that I make it through this week aliiiive :) Love to all my blogging friends :)

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  1. sounds like you had a great weekend! love your highlights they look great!! loving all your "baby updates" ;) too cute!


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