Saturday, December 24, 2011

2 months old!

Happy 2 Months to my sweet sweet girlie! :) {December 17th- I am a little late on posting}
I can NOT believe how the time is just flyyying right along (do I say that overtime I update yet... because I sure feel it!)
I catch myself trying to soak in every moment... but obviously nothing can stop time!

Raleigh Grace,

I absolutely adore you with all of my heart.  Your daddy and I just stare and you in awe of how beautiful you are and how sweet you are! I love checking out all of your features from your beautiful eyes, to you cute little finger and toe nails.  I love every little piece of you from the hair on your head to the little wrinkles on your wrist!  We could have never imagined how much you would change our lives and how much more we would fall in love with you every day!  Many nights we lay in bed, holding you, and just talk about how blessed we are to have such a perfect little girl and how we can not believe that God has made us parents to you.  You really are the center of our world and everyday we love you more! Again, we are so blessed and thankful to be your parents! I thank God that he has given you to me, to take care of, while we are here on this earth!
I pray for you daily, I pray that Jesus Christ will make himself known to you at a very young age.  I pray that he will watch over and protect you because I know that he is the ultimate power in this world and that he can and will protect.  I pray for your health, I pray for your future husband.  The amount of love I have towards you gives me a small glimpse of God's love for us.  AMAZING.
Thank you for always reminding me how precious life is and how blessed I am to call you MINE!
I love you so much my sweet daughter and am sooo excited about watching you grow into a beautiful young girl and woman! Happy 2 month birthday sweet girl!

Love you so much!

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