Thursday, December 1, 2011

RG by the week- 6 weeks!!

She has found her thumb! Most often when Pop was holding her. She has always loved her fist but has taken a passy bc she isn't very consistent in getting her hands to her mouth- although that is changing. She is learning to open her hands to help get her thumb in her mouth.
 She's definitely getting stronger! Holding her neck up more independantly. Kicking and pushing with her legs and arms.

Still eating every 2ish hours during the day. At night she has been eating about every 4 hours then 3 in the early morning.  Still only breatfeeding and doing a good job at it. She had some formula when its convient. I still haven't gotten on a routine for pumping and storing milk- shame on me- any moms have advice here?? Shes so cute dozing  off after feedings. 

During the night we have been doing much better. She struggled some when we were at my grandparents in lenoir but I can't blame her- we were in a different place. Most nights this week she has slept 4 hours and she slept 5 hours both Saturday and Sunday night! I'm hoping this continues and continues to improve :)

So peaceful and easygoing. She is smiling more and more and on thanksgiving we noticed she started mimicing facial expressions- Denise first noticed this :) Karl also noticed it nov 27:)

Still newborn and newborn diapers. We are going through a lot more outfits per day now. Rg seems to be spitting up more recently.

Favorite Moments:
Her sneezing milk in daddy's eye, when mommy was going to give her a kiss and her sneezing in my nose, meeting pop for the first time, Dusty and Carrie too. Talking to her and all her grins and smiles when she wakes up... And the several nights she slept 4 and 5 hours! (so much better than two!)

Most Challenging:
That fussy tummy of hers- the gas is still a problem. Getting her to sleep at night (getting much easier but still a challenge). Getting her to settle down anytime she's overly tired- or getting her to nurse when she's tired too- she will flail her arms and legs around and bob her head or turn it right and left back and forth until she settles down. 

Looking Forward To:
The day I wake up well rested? Ha kidding but not :)
I'm just loving this stage honestly. She's so content- asleep or awake 99% of the time- she's such a good baby!

Mommy moments-
I'm finally almost 100% pain free! It's so great to be feeling like "normal" again!
(at 4 weeks I noticed I was a bit better and at 5 weeks much better- nice not to have to always have the peri bottle lol) I was also down to 155.8 lbs when rg was on week old --that's 23 lbs down- But I haven't lost any weight since then. I also was able to get into my bigger jeans that week as well.

Thanksgiving Day- at great gma and gpas house with Carrie, Dusty, Denise, Laura, Pat, Audrey. Wednesday before with Sonja's family- Meeting Aunt Helen and Uncle Jimmy and Cousin Lisbeth- we went to Golden Corral ha it really wasn't that bad! Saturday after- Met Uncle Emory and cousins Carys, Courtland, and Charlotte.  
Meeting "Pop"!  
Meeting Carrie and Dusty
First trip to the park (Sunday).
We used the nose suction for the first time and got her first big booger out (Monday nov 29) (gross but funny!)
Sucking her thumb.

Taking a little morning nap

At K's parents house Saturday

dozing off in Daddy's arms with a full belly :)


  1. she's so cute! glad you're getting "normal" :) I'm sure it makes loving that baby even better! Looks like RG has had quite the time meeting new family - enjoy the holidays!

  2. I love reading your updates! :-) I can relate to just about everything...except getting 5 hours of sleep ;-) I've only gotten one of those. Our gas has been waking us up at night lately :-( so sad. I've figured out that I have a little bit of an oversupply and EC was getting more foremilk than hindmilk and that's what's causing her gas. so we're trying to work on fixing that right now!

    I'm glad you're finally feeling better!!! Recovery was so much harder for me than I thought it would be :-(

    I can't believe our girls are finally here and are so OLD!!! Where did the time go?!


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