Monday, December 19, 2011

Raleigh Grace & Santa Claus 2011

This past weekend K and I took RG to see Santa for the first time! K got off work super early on Friday- Praise God!- and we packed up and headed to the mall.  Around 4:00pm we went to the booth where Santa's chair was but there was no Santa. :(  There was a young man sitting there and I asked where Santa was and when he was going to be back. The man explained that he was on a break and should be back soon but that we had to get a pager. Pager!? To see Santa? What ever happened to waiting in line? I agreed and then asked when I should expect to be paged to see him.  The man said that there were several others in front of us and his guess was around 6pm. WOW!! Very thankful for the pager and the fact that I wouldn't be standing in line for 2+ hours we took it and went on our way.  By the time our pager finally went off Miss RG was getting a little fussy, and quite honestly I don't blame her haha- poor thing has been lugged around the mall for countless hours this year and she is always SO well behaved.  She was really just hungry so we quickly prepared a bottle as we waited in line (oh yea, after you bring the pager back- you still have to wait in line- its just your ticket to get in line! whatever, we had a hungry baby girl and it gave her time to finish her bottle)...

Here are a few of the images I snapped on my phone before meeting the big white haired man ... the last picture is the "professional" one... I'm not real happy with the quality of the picture or the fact that the teenagers running the booth were rude it cost nearly $25 bucks but alas, it was her first Christmas so we had to do it according to Daddy :) {of course I couldn't agree more!}!! I guess I could get another one taken, and maybe I will at a different mall but lets be honest... is it really worth the money? ha! A sweet man actually was creeping on us took some pics of RG with his dslr camera (without us knowing) and then got our attention as we were walking away and told us that he had taken some pics (showed them to us) and asked if we would like him to email them to us.  I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and gave him my email but I haven't received them :( I'm hoping he didn't save my email wrong and that maybe I will still get them bc they were much cuter than the one we bought... 

Anyways, longest post ever about nothing... 2 month dr. apt tomorrow (I'm not thrilled, bc RG is supposed to be getting her shots-- actually I'm freaking out quite a bit-- more on that later).  Hope yall had a good weekend! :) 

only bc I seriously have NO pictures of the 2 of us... see, told you, she wasn't thrilled about Santa -- I don't blame you little girl!

and a bottle will do the trick :) Look at how sweet she is holding K's hand :)

close up of holding his hand :) 

my cute girl with Mr. Claus


  1. Oh my word...she is seriously SO Darling!!! I LOVE how she's holding his hand while eating, so sweet!!! And although we didn't have quite the ordeal y'all did seeing Santa, I wasn't thrilled that it was almost $30 to see SANTA, seriously?!

    This is making up for the fact that I'm up at THREE AM...I thought we were over this but apparently not! HA! She's been up since 1am and I've fed/changed/cuddled her and I've now given up and hopefully the swing will rock her to sleep quicker than Mommy!

    OH! And I totally forgot to respond to your email! Her skin is getting a little better! As for BF I think she has a dairy protein sensitivity :-( So I've cut out all dairy starting yesterday and hopefully it will get better. I was thinking it was a BF issue with my supply like before but this time I've changed my feeding routine and haven't seen a change. So hopefully no dairy will do the trick!!!

    And I have to ask, where did you get her adorable outfit?!

  2. She's darling! At least she wasn't scared of him. Who can blame her about the mall, that's the face Brian makes too!

  3. awww love her outfit, she is adorable. I think I HAVE to have a little girl next

  4. oh she is so cute! I have to say, my favorite part of this post was your little ramble about the picture. I felt like we were having a conversation - I could totally hear you telling that story! Love you! She's beautiful!


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