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RG by the Week: 9 weeks!

RG turned 9 weeks old on the 19th (right after her 2 month birthday!)... Here is the way overdue update.
December 13-19th

Monday Dec 19th she had her 2 month check up...
10 lbs 1 oz - 25% (he said she was going to be petite like her, thanks for the compliment doc! ha)
22 1/2 in long- 50%
head circumference- 75% 

she looks great and is growing perfectly! He said that she still had a little cradle cap so he gave us a prescription for some shampoo as well as some lotion to put on it... we were instructed to put baby oil on her head and let it soak in for a little bit, then wash with the shampoo he prescribed and then to apply the lotion.  He said to do this twice a week.  He also looked at the back of her ears (that have been cracking and oozing) and gave me some cream to put on them three times a day.  He said in general she just has very sensitive skin and to not put baby lotion on her because her skin is dry and it really isn't that hydrating... he told us to use Eucerine cream (not lotion) all over her body for better hydration.  
She also had to get her 2 month shots... man was I a WRECK about these. I still want to do a full post about the shots if I ever get around to doing it.  Lets just say... my little girl is a TOUGH cookie! (the nurse even said so!) I was so proud of myself for holding it together- I came close to tears several times but held back :).  I never thought I would be one of "those moms" who worry to death about their baby and get all emotional and what not... even last week I was still singing that tune.  But when Sunday night rolled around, I couldnt sleep... all I could think about was how I was going to be "hurting" my sweet, innocent, baby girl. and WOW... it was a LOT tougher than I could have imagined.  Wheph.  Anyways- RG got stuck 3 times... the first time she didn't cry at ALL! I was shocked.  The second 2 she cried for maybe a total of 10 seconds and then was completly fine.  Thank heavens!  She slept the whole rest of the day except for when she was waking up to eat... and when she was awake those few minutes she was a zombie.When she did her little stretch (butt out, arch back, neck back, stretch) she got really upset and started crying... I'm pretty sure her leg was achy... :( She was so out of it though that my poor girl would just stare and not hardly move.  K said it reminded him of when she was a day old... she would fall asleep laying on his chest and now most of the time she is such a wiggle worm she just squirms off. But not after her shots. She laid completely still and slept all day.  That night she only slept about 3 hours but mommy was fine with that since I knew she wasn't feeling well.  She ate then went right back down and the next day she acted like nothing.  She was a little bruised and the right thigh had a bit of a knot but other than that nothing. :) We survived... thats all I can say- not looking forward to the next round at.all.!

I'm not proud to say this but little girl has found the TV and she LOVES it. If its on (and she realizes) and you put her back towards it she will work so hard to see it and when she gets tired of not seeing, she will actually start fussing until you turn her around. not. cool.  I don't even like tv but hubby loooves it! Girl gets it from her daddy. 
ALERT!  This girl is paying such close attention to everything. She likes to stare a lot more now and still loves looking around-- back and forth- left and right.  
She also is getting way better at entertaining herself. 
She's getting better at the Bumbo and holding her head up on her own!
Getting that fist/ fingers in her mouth- if the passy is gone boy does she work for her hand. :)
SMILING and talking ... tons!! Esp when she wakes up in the am!! LOVE this part of my day! ah! bliss!
HAIR- as of last week, her peach fuzz hair on the top of her head is starting to come back... when she had such horrible acne, she lost the hair on the top of her head but not on the sides or back... but its coming back finally... super fine and blonde :)
Her eyes are a really pretty blue these days! 

She's going a little longer between feedings during the day... she's strutting from 2 hours to 2 1/2 or 3 hour stretches sometimes.  
Everything else- about the same. :)

one word: AWESOME!! She loves to have her hands by her face when shes falling asleep and then during her deep sleep they usually end up over her head or by her ears. Too cute!
We are sleeping 7ish hours almost every night with a few exceptions! :)
naps: during the day, if I can get her down before she is too exhausted she can usually put herself to sleep pretty well.  She doesn't always stay down for long though... sometimes as little as 30 mins up to 3ish hours.
She also likes to sleep with her eyes open sometimes... haha look at that last pic :-P  

Such a happy, wonderful spirited, social girl! She will smile and coo at almost anyone! She loves being on the go with her mommy and daddy out and about, or is content staying at home.  She is the sweetest little cuddler too :) When she wakes up in the morning she is all smiles and loves talking!

Playing dress up with mommy in my christmas outfits :) 

Borderline outgrowing Newborn clothes... nooooo :( 
diapers- we tried on a 1 and my oh my... those babies are HUGE on her! Seriously, I would be scared they would leak everywhere! I feel like they need a size 0 between newborns and 1's.  We are sticking to the newborns for awhile longer... just not fastening them as tight as usual because she is getting quite the cute little tummy and her legs are "filling out" too... I want to eat her up! She is filling out beautifully! 

Favorite Moments: 
All of them ;)
Meeting Santa. 
Watching her sleep with her fists in front of her face or her hands thrown up over her head. :)

Most Challenging: (for me this week!)
SHOTS. Yikes.. (but acne is gone!)

Looking forward to:
Our first Christmas with the three of us!! :)

Mommy Moments: 

Friday 16th- Met Santa for the first time at CP mall. Read more about that here
Saturday 17th- Wrapping presents... HAPPY 2 months old !! :) 
Monday 19th- SHOTS... OUCH! :( you were such a trooper though! 

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