Friday, December 16, 2011

RG by the week: 8 Weeks!

Happy 8 weeks baby girl! :) 
Not sure, Dr for 2 month apt next week!

Getting much better at holding her head up on her own, smiling when you smile at her, mimicking facial expressions, putting herself to seep
She "fusses" at mommy and daddy more than crying or screaming at us. Turning neck 180 degrees.
Better at getting fist/thumb to mouth and keeping it there
Holds on to the animal attached to her passy.
Pulling mommies hair (this started about 2 weeks ago)

Same as last week. Still spitting up a little after nearly every feeding.

Much better! Sill about 5-7 hrs at night. Gas is better during the day but it seems to bother her when she's going down at night.
Napping good in the mornings (2-4 hrs until noon when she gets up) and usually once in afternoon (around 3) and once at night (around 6 or 7). Those last anywhere from 10 mins-2 hrs but usually around 30 mins avg.

So happy and great spirited 99.9 % of the time!

She still loves bath time/ shower time (she splashed mommy good this week but I'm not sure if it was on purpose or just bc she was excited and shoves her legs and arms when excited)
She loves when daddy whispers in her ears.
Cuddling with mommy after eating.
Her swing (she loves staring at the birds and talking to them).
Shopping (even though she sleeps most of the time!) -- when we were in nordstroms this weekend as soon as we started walking around the children's clothing with sonja she got really excited, it was so cute!

I think the newborn clothes are getting a little snug but 0-3 is still too big; I think it's only a matter of a week or two. :(
Newborn diapers might be getting snug too :(

Favorite Moments:
Thursday- mommy complaining at dinner that you hadn't had a dirty diaper in over a week then after we got home you had a major blowout while sitting on daddy's lap (he was playing football on his xbox360)... He had it covering his pants!! He said a stream of it shot out the side of the diaper! :)
Monday you fell asleep in ggdads arms while he was rocking you and singing (I have a short clip of this on video, it was such a sweet moment- he didn't know I was filming)- you were out- mouth open and all
Wednesday- You fighting sleep while ggdaddy was trying to rock you to sleep- the louder you cried the louder he sang... Ha! (away in a manger and twinkle twinkle)
When she's falling asleep she grins slightly
When she stretches after waking up and you're holding her she stretches her neck backwards, her arms up and sticks her little butt out-- she's been doing this awhile and I think it the cutest thing ever!!
Her "gummy" smile-she squints up her nose and eyes then grins so big her gums show. Love!

Most Challenging:
This has been relatively easy week :) minus the roofers!!! Omg they almost made me lose my mind- next time we are having a new roof put on, I'll make sure I'm 100's of mile away on a relaxing vacation bc omg ... It's the most annoying thing for ppl walking around and hammering on the roof!!! Rg did great after she got used to it. At first she was scared and kept staring at the ceiling.  After a few hours she even tried to take a nap while they were banging ha. What a great girl!
Her poor little head is still super dry and flaky... When I put lotion on it one day it looked better but the next day it looked a little irritated. Going to ask dr about this next week. Behind Ears are getting better.

Looking Forward To:
Her being Hayden's age (almost 2) and being able to run around  & play with Hayden carts and Charlotte (daddy answered this one)

Mommy moments-
I'm feeling great. I'd say 100% normal finally! It's nice to be able to be a little more intimate with my hubby again!


Tuesday at Lunch she was playing with her toy on her car seat that makes noise and I'm pretty sure she was hitting it on purpose so that it would make noise! She played and stared at it for probably 10 minutes!!
First shower! Sunday night
Met first dog- max at Shane's Sunday. She also got get first Christmas present (from Justice family) -2 cute outfits :)

Monday (dec 12) was her first time smiling at herself in the mirror
Monday was her first trip to the airport to pick up aunt donna n.
Monday was her first time to sit in her bumbo seat- she did a great job but her head is still a little wobbley
this picture melts my heart... I see this on a canvas for christmas for GGdaddy!? 

another 8 week for fun 
that super cute little butt... unfortunately I caught her at the end of her stretch so its not even the best she can do ha! 

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  1. I totally know what you mean about the cute stretch, EC does it too!!! :-) It's so amazing how similar our experiences are! I love that I have someone to chat with about all of the fun newborn stuff! I am ready for Emma Claire's skin to clear up, it just kills me...I'm thinking it might be related to some of our breastfeeding issues...I'm going to do a post on that soon. It might be time for us to stop :-( Which makes me sad but I cannot stand to see her in pain/so upset after EVERY feeding :-(

    YAY for being 100%! So happy for you!!! I LOVE the pic of RG asleep, so sweet! And having a baby makes Christmas presents SO easy...just give everyone something with the baby on it and they LOVE it!!! ;-)

    And one question...I see first shower under her firsts. Did you shower with her? If so, how did that work and did she like it??


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