Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What is Christmas All About?

With Christmas only 5 days away are you ready!? I mean really ready!? Not for all the chaos and presents and family... no no, what Christmas is REALLY about!  

I have always loved this clip and thought I would share ...

and another fun one... might seem silly but it gets you thinking! 


ahhh I am obsessed with this version of a GREAT Christmas song! :) If you haven't heard it yet ... its a MUST!!

NOEL! Christ our Savior is to be born !!! :) Prepare your heart! :)


  1. I LOOOOVE the facebook one! I saw that last year and just loved it! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family..isn't it fun to be a family of THREE this year?! I love it! :-) Christmas babies are SO FUN!

  2. I love that Toby mac version! He is amazing!

  3. I saw that facebook video last year and thought it was so cute/funny!! It really does make you think!


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