Monday, December 19, 2011

Just Sayin...

Time for a random post, yah ready?

-Hay, hay hay!! I just realized that I have a TON of new followers! {jumping for joy!} Welcome, welcome! I'm sure you could care less about me but love my sweet new little one who is now TWO MONTHS OLD!! {oh,my,word!}!
Anyways, I'm so glad you are here and following now! Please say hi sometime :) 

-have you tried these?! they are the bomb-diggity... and yes I just said bomb-diggity! Every year I look for these around Christmas time... Seriously, I love these babies and hubs brought home 2 packs home the other night! mmm love them but love HIM more :) 
google images

-and something else I could just eat up: this little one! 

-speaking of this cute little one... we survived her 2 month shots that I was so frantic about the past couple days! yay! my lil girl is such a trooper! and a tough cookie too! 

 (let the chaos begin...) We haven't finished our shopping yet-no surprise there, we might not finish either- sorry if you were on the bottom of our list this year... totally kidding {but not lol}!! 


  1. OMG I loooove those! EC is sensitive to Dairy (see newest post lol) and I can't have them anymore...SO SAD :-(

  2. LOVE Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes. The best! :)


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