Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RG by the Week- 7 weeks!!

Obviously I am totally a week behind... but here is her 7 week update (last Monday she was seven weeks old)
{and I made a b00-boo when I first posted her pics... that pic was technically a 6 weeks pic... so I have corrected and wah-lah! enjoy! :) }

According to our home scale you seem to be just about 9lbs!!! Maybe a tad more :) WOW!! growing so fast!

wow! She can move her neck the full 180 degrees around! It amazes me how VERY alert she has been this week- she wants to check EVERYTHING out and boy does she just look all around!! She is working on mastering holding her head up independently and I think in a couple more weeks she we won't be supporting it anymore (exciting! but makes me sad how big she is getting!). She's also been way more talkative and spends more time awake. She's really good following objects and people with her eyes!

Pretty much the same as last week although I did pump 3 days in a row and was quite proud of myself... And yup we have used all that milk but one days worth ha. Oh well...

I am so happy to report: No complaints here!! She has been a great sleeper at night! She's sleeping anywhere from 4-6 hours at night (avg about 5 usually). I have not started any sort of schedule with her during the day- we sorta just go with the flow (I hope that's ok?!). She fights sleep like a mad woman though... She never wants to miss out on the action- even when there isn't any action to miss haha. I joke that she's like me- a social butterfly already. When she's fighting sleep she often dozes off with one or both eyes still open like little slits. She's too funny! Her naps are anywhere from 10 mins (ha!) to 3 hours but usually are around an hour.
She loves her swing and 9 times out of 10 if she's sleepy it will do the trick ;)

She is seriously the sweetest most easygoing baby!! I am filled with joy over having her as my daughter!! She has definitely become more social and smiles a ton more this week!

Still newborn and newborn diapers. She's still spitting up often- changing clothes a lot. We actually had to buy her some new winter newborn outfits this week bc literally she didn't have but a couple of outfits for the cold weather. I put her in a 0-3 onesie just to see and well... Yup, still too big but I can tell she's working on growing into it!

Favorite Moments:
Her smiling when I smile and talk to her. Watching her turn her head back and forth being soo alert! Being at granddaddy's and her laying on the floor in the living room with he and aunt Weezie and uncle Luke while I was in the kitchen and me hearing her squealing and talking to them all the way in there! How cute she was in her first Christmas outfit when we went to dinner Friday with Jessica. Then Saturday in another Christmas outfit to get her first Christmas tree. (and the people oo-ing and ah-ing over her!)
Baylor beating Texas haha (believe me RG was excited too... ;) )

Most Challenging:
Her fighting sleep. Still some trouble with her gassy tummy but it's been better. Her scalp has been super dry, peeling and flaky... She had a mild case of cradle cap so k's mom told us we should scrub it with the baby brush, soap and water daily- we did and it's gone (yay!) but her skin is soo dry! Also right behind her ears has been cracking (from dry skin? Idk) and oozing then scabbing over. It looks so painful... She also sounded like she was getting a little cold- her nose was somewhat stuffed up and we got a couple big boogers out but she seems fine now. :)

Looking Forward To:
My mom is coming in town in a week. As far ad rg goes... More sleep, but really I'm enjoying every moment.

Mommy moments-
Feeling pretty good, I'm starting to feel like myself again and getting maybe a tad more energy? I love when r naps good and I can get some things done around the house. This weekend I was able to do 4 loads of laundry and pick up the house some. This was the first laundry I have done on my own since rg was born ha. My mom did some before.

First time watching BU win on tv
Picked out her first Christmas tree/wire first Christmas outfit
Meeting Jessica
Meeting aunt Weezie and uncle Luke
Splashed in the bath (it's obvious she loves bath time but we aren't sure if she's splashing on purpose or just excited and it happens ha)

Aunt Weezie, GGDaddy, and Uncle Luke with RG 
Aunt Weezie with RG

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