Wednesday, March 7, 2012

etsy, passion, tumbler, rant, truth & LOVE!

..but what in the world is this about!? 
(look under the pink onesie in blue letters...)

-Tazo Passion Tea 
I'm a little OBSESSED... this stuff is AMAZINNNNG! 
I seriously think I could give up soda's if I could have a few of these a day. 
I make it and add sugar, then put on ice in my... (see next bullet) 

via google

-Trevis Tumbler

via google

-blogs who don't make me "prove I'm not a robot"
no offense here if you have this on your blog- I used to- but then people told me how annoying it was (and I realized it for myself)... so I took it off- I figured if I had problems with "robots" then I would add it back and (knock on wood) I have not had a single issue.  
These things literally just make leaving a comment take so much more time... 
please tell me I'm not the only one??
okay. end rant.


and of course... 

-Raleigh Grace and her Daddy
this past weekend on RG's first trip to the beach ... more to come on that :) 


  1. I'm going to have to try the Passion - I love their Zen (green) tea! Oh, and my Tervis does not leave my side (unless I'm using my "fake" tervis while it's being cleaned ha).

  2. oh i HATE that "prove your not a robot thing" it drives me nuts!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  3. I don't know if my blog has that prove you're not a robot thing but how do I find out and if it does how do I get it off!?!? I hate it!

  4. I didn't realize mine had the robot thing until my mom told me and I immediately took it off! And, oh my goodness what a cute picture at the end! Found you going through WILW. Hope you're having a great week!

  5. Oh man those CAPTCHA things drive me insane! I can never read the darn letters, lol!


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