Monday, March 26, 2012

RG by the Week: 22 Weeks!

(this post is exactly a week late. there are only about 900 pictures in this post.)

march 13-19th

this picture screams "I did it!!!"
yup, shes now sitting up on her own.... for about 60 seconds!! :)

she likes to chew on the side of the passy

really reaching for the toys now... and getting ahold of them!
she loves driving with her daddy!

playing with Aunt Nee Nee
hanging out with Pop 
right before our 7am hike with Pop... this cracked me up :)  One size truly does fit all with the Moby :)
Sic Em Bears :) and Happy St. Patty's Day with Aunt Carrie :) 
RG checking out her new hair bows from her Aunt
I LOVE this image... so sweet! Aunt Carrie and Uncle Dusty

the driveway

it was a beautiful cool but not cold morning 
the dew on a branch- if you look closely you can see the reflection of all the trees :)
at the bottom of the driveway- the old wheelbarrow
the beautiful bradford pears blooming 

Our walk was on St. Patty's day so I thought it was only fitting to take a picture of the beautiful clover patch :)

Mommy found a 4 leaf clover and someone was thrilled (She hadn't put on her green yet so she got the clover so she didn't get pinched)... oh and I also found a 5 leaf clover is that good luck too?

the trees blooming
the 4 leaf clover Mommy found :) I was so excited!

trying to keep her head up... someone was dozing off ;) 

and shes gone!

going up the driveway
my grandparent's beautiful log home!
the shed out back
sitting on the swing on the front porch
three generations :) 
playing with Grandma
found on our walk sunday :)
RG's newest BEST friend... they really did love each other! I need to get the video from my mom... RG would pet Dotty and Dotty would just purrr and RG would laugh... this went on for about 10 minutes!! Dotty would keep walking back and forth near RG so that RG would pet her. It was soo cute!

 Great Grandpa!

 Great Grandma!

 kisses on the hand from Great Gpa

This Week Raleigh Grace:
-intentionally picked up her passy that was laying on the bed

-enjoyed her first St. Patrick's Day at Great Gma and Gpa's in the mountains

-vocals are changing -- more like yodaling according to K

-sitting up on her own for approx 60 seconds.

-fell asleep in the Moby when Pat was carrying her on her walk to the mailbox at my grandparents.

-sleeping 4ish hrs on good nights...

-tried: celery (and somehow with no teeth managed to bite the end off... I think she liked it to say the least ha) , grapes and sun drop :)

-started her on SOLIDS!!! She enjoyed her first taste of Rice Cereal !!!

-First weekend alone without hubby-- I was really nervous and super sad but we made it out
alive! I am sooo thankful that my family let us come hang out with them up in the mountains and that my sister, mom and dad were there from Mississippi! It was so great to see everyone and for them to keep my occupied while the hubby took a backpacking trip with some of his friends!

-Rubs her eyes when sleepy... its so sweet and innocent :)

-First time really sick-- took her to doc on Monday and she was diagnosed with severe allergies :( poor girl! Her eyes were sooo watery that tears just poured down her face 24/7... her nose was super runny and she couldn't stop sneezing and rubbing her face, nose and eyes. (this started on Friday with a runny nose and just progressed).  They gave her baby Zyrtec- 1/2 a teaspoon before bedtime.  It seemed to help it by Tuesday morning- but not completely.  Her cough became more a croupy cough rather than a dry cough and I got worried- I called the doc back and they put her on some drops for her cough and said to use those (.50 ml every 4-6 hours) until her cough got better and then go back on Z. if needed.

-weighed 13lbs 12 oz on Monday  (5-10th percentile, sweet little petite girlie!)

-Friday- she really reached for me when Denise was holding her.

-She seems like she is noticing when I leave the room and gets a little sad/worried.

-there are real tears when she cries!... sad sad!

and there you have it... thats about all that I wrote down this week.... time to get back on the ball with my updates ... don't yah think!?


  1. OMG love the moby picture!!! :-) And the clover "photoshoot" so cute! Emma Claire started rubbing her eyes when sleepy a few weeks ago and I actually started crying telling David about it because it was a real "baby" thing...she really isn't anywhere near a newborn anymore! Where has the time gone?!?!

  2. I love the Moby pic!! I used to wrap madi up in it and put it on my hubs the minute he got home from work everyday :) Lucky you finding a four leaf clover!!! Love all the pics, I can't believe how big she is getting, I swear it seems like she was just born!

  3. Ok, so you can ignore my allergy question on the last post! :) That moby picture is awesome. Wonderful family pictures!


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