Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RG by the Week: 20 Weeks

Feb 28- March 5

I am so far behind I'm only going to do minimal writing and maximum pictures. consider yourself warned :) There are also lots of "Beach" pictures in that post as well!

First trip to the beach.  See how she liked that {here}
First time sitting unassisted! For around 13 seconds at the beach.
-she is really learning how to use her hands and you can see her motor skills greatly improving- reaching for toys, etc.
-she has discovered a voice.  when we got to the beach that Friday night we put her on her play mat and she just talked some- more than ever before. It was the cutest thing ever!!
-eating her toes!
-RG really prefers to be sitting up these days.  When we "prop" her up thats not "up" enough... so she strains and pulls herself up.  Usually when we aren't holding her that results in one of two things. 1-face plant. 2-falling down sideways.  You can see why her weekly pic was so difficult this week... it was a constant "prop" her up, shoot the camera, she falls over... haha! Funny, but hard to capture a good shot without some help ha. I'll take what I can get- shes just too cute (see a FEW of the out-takes below!) :)


i want to eat up every inch of this little girl... especially those ham legs! :) mmm!

at the beach she slept like an angel- taking 2+hour naps!
so sweet and still as she is waking up
rubbing the sheet against her face
resting so peacefully
same: 0-3/ 3mth

Favorite Moments:
the beach

Most Challenging:
she did pretty good on the drive to the beach... however, she was a little fussy so we stopped to feed her and found out maybe hunger was not her reason for "fussing":
see if she loved the beach by watching this video (if you haven't already-its in the beach post)- watch until the very end :)
playing with her feet
scooting backwards on her back (by arching back)
*holding onto a blanket/sheet/ zee-bee (her zebra) and rubbing it to her face (specifically when nursing or going to sleep) this is relatively new :)

Looking forward to:
SUMMER! I can not wait until we get to take her to the beach and really PLAY... right now she is still a little young and honestly, it was too cold!

Mommy Moments:
none (minus hair!)


  1. Haha, that picture of why you stopped is too funny! Chloe doesn't like to wear her sunglasses right now, or even her headlamp(thanks dad) b/c she's too interested in pulling them off her head and putting them in her mouth. How exciting that she's starting to sit up! It really seems like a whole new world to them when they aren't constantly on their backs.

  2. Love that sweet pea outfit!!! The bow is adorable! Seriously RG has the cutest clothes!!

  3. Oh that picture were her head band is under her nose is just too cute. It made me laugh out loud at work! That happened to me on day, when I looked back, Hayes's stocking hat was down completely over his eyes, and he was none too happy. Anyway I have probably never commented on your blog before, but I have been stalking it since we were both pregnant. RG is just so cute an tiny! I have quite the large baby though!


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