Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Bite of Food!

AHHH I can NOT believe that I almost forgot to post about Raleigh Grace's first bite of baby food!! 

On Monday, March 26th, K and I introduced Raleigh Grace to the world of PEACHES! K and I had been to the store and he picked that to be her first food!  She immediately LOVED them and continued to eat about half a jar in her first feeding.  We stripped her shirt for easy cleaning but surprisingly she did very well eating with minimal mess.  K fed her the whole time while mommy tried to capture some pictures.  It was easy to tell when she was finished eating because she simply quit opening her mouth and tried her hardest to find a way out of her bumbo seat ha! 

I am so happy that we had a great experience all around! It is still very hard for me to believe that she is actually eating food now.  Look at this sweet, happy face! Isn't she a DOLL!? We love you Raleigh Grace!!

and when she was done: 

 but then we tried to give her one last bite... just to make sure she was finished... 

 yup. pretty sure she doesn't want anymore! 

... still trying to escape...

 "MOM! Enough with the pictures!"

"yep! I know I'm cute!" :)

What was your child's first food? Did she/he enjoy it or was it a disaster? 

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  1. Ah everyone has been posting babies first bites recently. We are not quite there yet. Hayes still has a week and a half before he is 4 months. I think we will probably wait until closer to 6 months for food since he isn't showing any signs of wanting our food. I have tried putting food by his mouth just to see and he just turns his head. Anyway RG is just too cute with her mouth covered in peaches!


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