Thursday, March 29, 2012

Singing her praises!

My mom has been in town the past few days and I can not thank her enough for all of her help with Raleigh Grace (hi mom!)!! It has truly been wonderful to sit back and relax for what feels like the first time since early on in RG's life (when mom stayed up with RG so I could sleep!)!
my mom and RG at my grandma and grandpa's a couple weeks ago :)
The past 2 nights Raleigh Grace has slept in her room for the FIRST time in her LIFE!  She slept in her bouncer in her crib :).  We will continue to get to the point where she is ready to sleep in her crib (without the bouncer).

The first night mom put her down and RG slept from 2am (sigh) until around 3am then mom rocked her and she fell back asleep (usually she demands food so this is huge on its own) and slept until 6am.  Pretty dandy night for us- especially since last weekend at the beach she was waking up ever hour and half or so!

Now, lets talk about LAST night... again, mom put RG down around 1am and my sweet little girl didn't wake up until 6am!!!!!!!!!!! This is the first night that RG has "slept through the night" since around Christmas!!! :) :) :)

I am one happy mamma today!!!!!!!! Thanks MOM for all your help!! YAY!!!

Thanks for listening to my excited self document PROGRESS!!! :) and... I will pray that this continues for some time or gets even better!

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