Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RG by the Week: 21 Weeks

March 6-12
her first conversation with Emma Claire- RG's bff & Mallorie's daughter via online video ha!
RG listening to everything EC had to say... (she responds about 10 minutes after this and I recorded it- see "Favorite Moments" :) ) 
eating her toes! (can't remember right now if this is a first, or just a favorite but none the less she is doing it!)

Fri- having GGdaddy, Donna, Jimmy, Kim and Donna and Greg over before going to RG's first choir performance- We saw the Baylor A Cappella Choir perform here in NC and it was WONDERFUL! They had the alum stand up and we sang "That Good 'Ol Baylor Line" and even finished with a "Sic Em Bears!" I guess this was technically RG's first Baylor event :) ... (I am disappointed that I forgot my camera... but here is a pic after the event hanging with her daddy and great uncle :) )
She and Daddy were being silly- he put her hairbow on the back of her head... she didn't seem to mind.
Her first time controlling the remote :) 
She learned to chew bubble gum... I kid, I kid... well sorta :) See the video for yourself...

Okay, I promise there was NOTHING in her mouth.. this was all just a new thing she learned :)

I'm not sure what is going on but I feel like she is eating ALL the time! It could be every hour and half or if we are out and about and she is occupied then it could be three hours.  She has eaten as little as 4 or 5 minutes up to 20 minutes.  Growth spurt much? I hope thats what it is and not some horrible habit I have let her get into.
and can I make a confession (mainly because I just want to document this) without people throwing rocks at us? haha... She has now "tasted" (licked) several things-- started with ice cream (go figure ha!), french fries, mashed potatoes, ice, coke, kiwi, bananas, oranges, banana pudding, salt and vinegar chips, grapes, hushpuppies.  The only thing of those that she actually "ate" was bananas, kiwi, mashed potatoes, banana pudding and french fries.  
I know, we are probably horrible parents and this has definitely made her way more interested in what we are eating at the table.  She is SO ready for rice cereal .... I think? But we haven't talked to her doctor (and might not- bc she doesn't have a well visit again until 6 months.)  She is going to be 5 months {GASP} on the 17th and that might just be our "magic day"???

A little better than the last few weeks- still not sleeping great though.  Sleeping for approx 2-3 hours at a time.  Naps are crazy short 99% of the time- I'm talking 20-30 minutes.  Still praying and hoping that this is just part of a growth spurt! 
she is just SOO sweet! I love this little girl :) 
0-3... I have quit forcing her newborn outifts on her haha but I still refuse to pack them up... I'm not ready so they hang in her closet. Still amazes me she fit into them for so long! :) 
her lil belly is too cute... 
Favorite Moments:
Her chatting... oh my word, it is my all time favorite thing! Tuesday night at dinner she was talking up a storm... Wednesday during the day she talked like crazy, Friday night on the way home from the Baylor concert we went to she was chatting up a storm and Saturday night at Gma and Grandpa P's she was such a chatty gal- even cheering on Duke! :)

Most Challenging:
Still adjusting to a little less sleep- and she has started showing a little "attitude" sometimes if she doesn't get what she wants when she wants it... she just starts going "hmmm mmmm mmm hmmm... etc haha Its cute {for now} and hope this too doesn't last forever ha!

sucking her thumb in public 
talking!! blowing bubbles, "chewing her bubble gum", trying new foods, chewing on her hands or anything else she can get, bath time, holding and playing with her feet, fake coughing, going out to eat with her family
checking out the tray in the pic below

her fake cough- complete with tongue out :)

Looking forward to:
More of the same. She is so fun these days... though it would be nice if she would eat and sleep a little "better"... but then again there are moments like this that I wouldn't trade for anything...:

Mommy Moments: ?


  1. Those videos are cute - she doesn't have a tooth poppin up, does she? Make that's what she's feeling when she's "chewing gum?" Oh the fake cough - at first I thought it was cute when Chloe would do it, but she choked last week while doing it laying down and scared the crap out of me, so now I don't like her doing it - but it's still kinda funny. :) She's getting to be such a big girl!

  2. I think that she may very well be the most well documented baby of all time! Congrats!

  3. While I always encourage people to talk to their doctor... I think you're good on starting rice cereal with RG. We "started" it at 4 months with C. But it was just playing because he couldn't figure out how to "eat" it really... for the next month we just pulled it out every once and a while and let him try it... I think it was closer to 5/6 months when we actually started "eating" a meal of rice cereal. I don't think y'all are "bad parents" for letting her taste and eat different food. While I am a rule follower so we strictly followed the "one food for 3-5 days" rule for a few months, I always thought how before we had "rules" I bet parents started letting their kids try food when their kiddos were expressing interest! I think y'all are doing great! :)

    Love you! Skype date??


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