Friday, July 13, 2012

Horrible Mom Alert!

It seems like the past couple of weeks have been crazy changes in the life of Raleigh Grace.
  There is literally no. stopping. her. now. !! She is into everything which is so fun but she also does not want anyone to stop her or get in her way... (read: she hates her car seat, getting her diaper changed, being in a high chair, etc).  She is a ball of energy and I love everything about it (okay, I only kind of like the messes) except for the fact that now she is pulling up on everything she is always getting "hurt".  Over the past week she has probably bumped her head on average three times a day, equalling about 21 bumps to her poor little head/face.  Luckily, she is a tough little cookie and nothing seems to stop her for more than a few seconds and honestly she rarely even cries but I feel like the bad mom for not being about to watch her closely enough to prevent these accidents.  

Check out a few of our mishaps from the past few days: 

her first black eye from taking a Banjo to the face
apparently she's earning her stay here now :) 
just me being a "horrible mom" and letting her go topless at the race in true Nascar fashion hahaha what can I say? It was H-O-T!
and last but definitely not least... this is what I found her doing two days ago after turning my head for literally two seconds.  No, she's not just pulling up on the toilet.. she was ....

... splashing in the toilet!!! What can I say? This girl loves the water !!
(our toilet has now been totally hard core cleaned - and my baby too- and it is harrrd to keep her away from the toilets now that she knows they "flush" and have water in them... yikes!)


  1. Oh my goodness! She is just like my little man. He loves the toilet, pulling stuff out of the trash can, and getting into EVERYTHING! We have had to take baby proofing to a whole new level! Thankfully, he hasn't thrown anything into the toilet and flushed it yet! And do not feel bad about not catching her every time she falls. You can't be there all the time, and they learn from those little accidents! The naked baby was my little man at the 4th of July baseball game...nothing wrong with that (even if she is a girl)! Haha!

  2. Thanks for the warning that babies like to play in the toilet!! Haha, pool, bath, toilet - all the same right? Those bumps and bruises are so hard for us as parents to see happen because they want so badly to be independent and learn new things, but it's going to happen. I'm glad they don't seem to phase her too much and she goes right along exploring. You are definitely not a bad mom though! It comes with the territory.

  3. Oh Miss M had a LOT of bruises at this age, the girl just was so accident prone :) As long as she's still breathing at the end of the day you are doing just fine!

  4. HA! I love this, especially the naked NASCAR baby...hilarious! And EC is falling/bumping her head CONSTANTLY too!!!

  5. LOVE the toilet & race pics! I miss her sooooo much...& you & K too!!!
    Wow, hard to believe she's growing up so fast!!! Looks like it' may be time for toilet lid locks & keeping the bathroom doors closed to prevent accidents (the mom/grandma in me). And watch out--soon she'll be into the fridge, pulling the eggs out & cracking them on the floor--like you did!!! Love you!!!


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