Sunday, July 22, 2012

Popping the Question!

WOW!! I can not believe that it has been THREE YEARS ago, today, that K made me the happiest woman in the world! 
I have never shared the sweet story on my blog before and believe it or now... I'm not going to! 
Since I know you all love hearing K tell stories, I figure I would let him do the "talking" here too. :) Here is the story of how K asked me to marry him not too many moons ago ;) I love this story- and was completely shocked when it actually happened... he had me fooled alright! 

When it happened...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

at the beach right after he proposed 

How it happened...

We were at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, for the annual Family beach vacation.  For the first couple of days, I tried to convince Allie that we should just go to the courthouse and get married, skipping an engagement and all the headache of planning a wedding.  She on the other hand, wanted the traditional way of getting married with me down on one knee, a ring, long engagement, and a big wedding with all the frills.  Then I launched into what a hassle that was, I would have to find a ring, plot a romantic scenario, and everything else that goes along with it.  Allie insisted that was the route to go, so I said to her, "maybe when you're older."  That was to hint that it was a possibility for her birthday, two months away.  For those of you who know Allie, that wasn't going to cut it.  If she wants something, she does not like to wait!  
That night, everyone went out to dinner together at Ella's of Calabash.  The plan was for Allie and I to go for a walk after dinner and I would pop the question then.  The only member of the family that had any clue that it was going to happen was Allie's stepmom, Sonja.  When we arrived back at the house, everyone wanted to go for ice cream, so this delayed our walk.  When we got back from ice cream, I suggested that we could go for a walk, allowing for some "us" time.  As we walked out on the back deck, Grandaddy was rocking in a chair by himself, so Allie decided we should sit and talk to him.  This led to a couple others joining us, so I again suggested we hit the beach.  That time we actually made it out the door.
As we were walking down the beach, we talked about how the summer was going and what are plans were as far as our future together was concerned.  After ten or fifteen minutes of walking, I stopped her, took her by the hands and said, "I figured since this beach was the first place I told you I loved you, its only fitting that this is the place I ask you to marry me."  With that, I got down on one knee in the sand and said, "Allison, would you pretty, pretty please marry me?"  Then with a face that went from completely confused when I first stopped her to a face of complete joy, she said "Yes, of course I will!"  Then I got up, we hugged and kissed, put the ring on her finger (even though it was too dark to see it, haha) and headed back to share the news with everyone.
Upon arrival, everyone had already gone to bed with the exception of Sonja and Allie's cousin, Laurel.  Sonja was on the phone with Allie's mom, exchanging gossip as to if tonight was the night that I was going to pop the question.  Sonja quickly got off the phone, everyone got excited and we went out on the porch to call whoever may still be up to share the news with!


  1. Not gonna lie. Just cried a bit reading this. SO SO SWEET! I love it!

  2. I agree will Mallorie! SO sweet!! :)


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