Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh Emily... And Sean?

Oh my word! After tonight I am so on the edge of my seat as to what's going to happen. Aka who's going to win (it seems so awkward to say "win" when we are talking about falling in love)! Man were those some awesome hometowns- except maybe Arie... What's up with his mom- talk about uncomfortable- reminded me of how I usually feel when I'm getting my nails done. I just don't think that's polite. Anyways... I could totally see her with any of them but honestly, I see all of the guys getting "sick of her" after some time... I just think she's too high maintenance for all of them- as far as a marriage that lasts a lifetime anyways...

A lot of y'all talked about how awkward it was when Emily and Arie kissed but tonight I thought she and Sean had something with sticking their tongues out before kissing... Did anyone else notice??!

SOO who's she gonna pick?! I've heard not Sean but I'll be honest I'm feeling him tonight more than the others (a couple of weeks ago I was pulling for Arie) though I still think she has some weird obsession with Jef (cut your hair bro!). Ha!

Crazy tv drama how you always get me lol!

Oh and can we talk about adorb's:

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  1. Ok yes, the kissing roles reversed last night. Arie wasn't so bad, but Sean? Weird! I still think her and Sean are ADORABLE together, but I do see him maybe being the worst pick out of the top three, meaning that he may be in it for the wrong reasons. I hope not though. And Arie's family was awkward...I liked your description, felt like when you get your nails done. Haha!! I really have no idea who she will pick. I think the obvious choice is Sean, but I don't know if that's the way she'll go.


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