Friday, July 20, 2012

RG by the Week: 39 Weeks!

first  time  playing  dress  up!!
July 10-16th - 9 months old!! 

Well Miss RG is OFFICIALLY NINE MONTHS OLD!! On the 17th (your birthday) you went to the Dr. and weighed 16lbs 10oz (20%) and was 26 1/2 inches long (20th% - I think) and I forgot to get the stats for your head circum. :( There was a new nurse there and she measured you a little differently than your nurse- I just hope she got the correct measurements.  You are getting lots more hair and it is still VERY light-- it literally looks like peach fuzz and sticks out on the sides and back.  You even get bed head after you have been in your car seat or crib. its hilarious.  your eyes are still a very beautiful dark blue.  You still have two teeth on the bottom and Dr M said he could see your top left getting ready to come through.  He said your heart sounded "perfect" and that you are very advanced with the vocal noises you make and your physical things you are doing (cruising- and standing with little to no assistance).  You stand for 3-5 seconds and then you just sit down on your own.

after  her  finger  prick  at  the  dr.
just  playing  in a  box
took a Banjo to the face :( first black eye
First trip to camp meeting 
First time going down a slide (at camp meeting) 
First time eating wood chips (and lots of dirt) at camp meeting 
First time in a fort- Daddy made it for her while I was sleeping in
First time playing dress up :) 
First time standing in her bumbo (while daddy was watching her) ha
First black eye (see above)

after  splashing  in  the  toilet
you still love being the center of attention but you don't love being held anymore :( .  You are Miss Independent and you love to walk around holding on to things and you love to crawl and get into everything.  You want to walk so bad but you aren't quite there.  Your Dr. said that you would most likely be walking before you are a year old- but mommy is in no hurry! Its already hard enough keeping you out of trouble.  You are such an awesome baby and people around you always notice and tell us too.  When we take you out and about you always adapt to whatever we are doing and to whoever we pass you off to.  You know no strangers! :)

at Camp Meeting

Still nursing and eating great- no real changes here.  I asked Dr M how much you should be eating and what and he assured me to just give you any types of pureed food or mushed food that you could eat well and to feed you now three times a day (we still havent started this yet).  I asked him how much I should feed you and he said as much as you wanted as long as you weren't making yourself sick.  We might try some meat soon but it really grosses me out to think about it ha!  (oh and eating anything else you can get your hands on)

eating chips... wood chips!

you usually take two or three, two hour naps a day when we are home.  Your sleep at night hasn't been great- you seem to be waking up every 3ish hours.  Come on girl, give your mamma a break (though I do LOOVE the snuggle time!)

0-3, 3 mths, 3-6 mths, and some 6 mths.  Size two diapers

standing in the Bumbo when daddy was trying to feed you
Favorite Moments:
all of them including my "mommy moment" that I posed here
we had a fun filled week/end- we celebrated an engagement of our friends Matt and Emily- by going to dinner friday night, then we had a baby shower for my childhood friend, Lindsay,  and sunday we went to church then to camp and then  we celebrated Matt's bday!! So fun! :)
doing a little shopping
Most Challenging:
cant think of anything besides trying to put you in your cars eat and changing your diapers and getting you to stay still (shopping cart etc)! You want to wiggle around and not stay still for any period of time these days!
you love to bang on the glass top with your hands
Looking forward to: 
going to the Legends races on Tuesday, Boy Scout camp for the first time (this Wednesday) then going to the beach with cousin Drew this weekend.

Mommy Moments:
you have to check out my "A Day in the Life" post from the other day... super sweet special moments right there!
I love when you fall asleep on me which is rare these days

we love our bows!
exactly one year later! 

going out for our friends engagement!
driving the 'stang! :)

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